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Cavalry FC launch/2019 off season thread

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I'd imagine that the week between the inaugural game this weekend and Cavalry's first game a week later, will be a big time for marketing. Especially considering the exposure that the league should ga

Hey some real news re: Calvary ...  

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I like the crest, and I think the ground has the potential to be one of the most unique in the league. 

Total Arsenal vibe going on with the crest and the stand below the "Spruce Meadows" sign has a Clock End feel for it. 

As a Calgarian living-Edmonton supporter, I am quite excited for the league's kick off next summer. This is going to be a fun ride. 

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Absolutely love the fact that they had members from LSH(RC) on hand for the unveiling. As a former reserve officer with the Air Force, I can't stress enough how great it is to get the military angle - instantly builds a strong kinship. Half the guys I knew in uniform jumped on the Winnipeg Jets bandwagon when they unveiled their logo, purely because of the military connection. Fingers crossed Cavalry FC has similar success! 

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I definitely like the name more now that I've seen everything else. I still find it a little vague and the crest could maybe use something to indicate that the club is from Calgary, but overall it seems really solid. Excited to see the Alberta Derby next year.

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19 minutes ago, Alex D said:

I've had the same experience. At this point I may even like Founders FC after Peter Schaad tells a story about it. 

As I said after I saw the York video, didn’t always agree with him on his pod but he’s perfect for this role. Hopefully he keeps on in the production side when the league starts. Him in charge of features pregame and mid game would be invaluable 

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