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York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread


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from the announcement about Gattas:  


Gattas is the 4th international player signed by York9, following Sweden’s Simon Karlsson Adjei, Japan’s Wataru Murofushi.


now their roster page is '404' so we can't see it.   1. Adjei   2. Murofushi   4. Gattas   

So what happened to #3?  Unless it is/was Jose Pina whose name was on the roster poster at the kit reveal as #96 for shirt ordering.  Brennan also mentioned him as a Venezuelan.  

Did the announcement have a typo in that they meant 'third' foreign player or a typo that Gattas is actually the 23rd signing?  

I think it Gattas shook my hand when I picked up my scarf this afternoon at the York 9 office but I thought he was just another '20 something' bearded office staff member!   

……………...Follow up.  Someone on another forum said it was Justin Springer because he's played for St Kitts and Nevis.  



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16 minutes ago, KW519 said:


Looks like a 3-5-2 with Springer, Gasparotto and Gogarty across the back, Porter and Telfer as right and left wingbacks, Di Chiara anchoring the midfield alongside Aparicio and Murofushi and a striking pair of Adjei and Rollocks. No CBs on the bench, and Cox and Thompson must be out injured.

Fuck I'm excited for this

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...Now that the Canadian Premier League has come out with a much more detailed roster system – which includes player statistics, club history, and a biography section – it seems York9 FC has indeed signed José Piña, who’s delay in arrival is still unexplained.

The 23-year-old attacking midfielder can use both feet, typically playing as a left midfielder. With some flashy footwork, this makes Piña a good stand-in for Ryan Telfer when needed, though he’s much less defensively-minded. Given how Forge FC didn’t hold back in sending rough challenges Telfer’s way in the inaugural match, though, it’s probably not a bad idea to have someone like Piña in the squad...

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