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Toulon Tournament (2018)

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7 minutes ago, Vince193 said:

Kris Twardek has not impressed me at all. He just tries to out run oppononents but he's not super fast or anything.

He works hard but is really clumsy on the ball. I don’t see much positive from him (I have similar view of Shome)

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That second half was dreadful. They couldn't do anything and were in their own half for almost all of it. Twardek should not be near this team at all, I can see why Millwall aren't keeping him. 


Also Herdman should know that yelling "Dig Deep" over and over again isn't going to solve anything.

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I know that game showed some of our flaws, but its really refreshing to see the change in playing style already with Herdman. We didn't collapse with the high pressure coming from Japan at the end, we still pushed forward and tried to grab the win.

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