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Algarve Cup 2018

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Well, since we have the schedule now, might as well start a thread.

February 28th: vs Sweden   2pm EST/ 11am Pacific

March 2nd: vs Russia  2pm EST/ 11am Pacific

March 5th: vs South Korea 10am EST/ 7am Pacific




Heiner-Møller's first test.


@deadlynx is going, so any other Voyageurs that are going can get in touch with her.

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Roster is out


Canada Soccer Women’s National Team 2018 Algarve Cup Roster 
Head Coach Kenneth Heiner-Møller
GK Stephanie Labbe, age 31, from Stony Plain, AB
GK Erin McLeod, age 34, from St. Albert, AB/ FC Rosengård (Damallsvenskan)
GK Kailen Sheridan, age 22, from Whitby, ON/Sky Blue FC (NWSL)
FB Lindsay Agnew, age 22, from Kingston, ON/ Houston Dash (NWSL)
FB Allysha Chapman, age 29, from Courtice, ON/ North Carolina Courage (NWSL)
FB Ashley Lawrence, age 22, from Caledon, ON/Paris Saint German (Division 1 Féminine France)
FB Shannon Woeller, age 28, from Vancouver, BC/ FF USV Jena (Frauen-Bundesliga)
CB Shelina Zadorsky, age 25, from London, ON/ Orlando Pride (NWSL)
CB Kadeisha Buchanan, age 22, from Brampton, ON/ Olympique Lyonnais (Division 1 Féminine France)
M/CB Rebecca Quinn, age 22, from Toronto, ON/ Washington Spirit (NWSL)
M  Maegan Kelly, age 25, from Kansas City, MO & Toronto, ON/ FC Kansas City (NWSL)
M Desiree Scott, age 30, from Winnipeg, MB/ Utah Royals FC (NWSL)
M Sophie Schmidt, age 29, from Abbotsford, BC/ FFC Frankfurt (Frauen-Bundesliga)
M Jessie Fleming, age 19, from London, ON/UCLA (NCAA)
M Diana Matheson, age 33, from Oakville, ON/Utah Royals FC (NWSL)
M Julia Grosso, age 17, from Vancouver, BC / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer
Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia)
F Christine Sinclair, age 34, from Burnaby, BC/ Portland Thorns (NWSL)
F Deanne Rose, age 18, from Alliston, ON/ University of Florida Gators (NCAA)
F Janine Beckie, age 23, from Highlands Ranch, CO/ Sky Blue FC (NWSL)
F Adriana Leon, age 25, from King City, ON/ Sky Blue FC (NWSL)
F Nichelle Prince, age 22, from Ajax, ON/ Houston Dash (NWSL)
F Jordyn Huitema, age 16, from Chilliwack, BC/ Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer
Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia)
F Jenna Hellstrom,  age 22, from Sudbury, ON/ FC Rosengård (Damallsvenskan)

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14 minutes ago, ShralpShralpShral said:

Will any of these be televised or streamed?

Unlikely. It depends on whether or not other federations decide to stream the game. Last year, the Danish FA streamed the game but none of the other ones were (including the final).

The Swedish FA do not have the game against Canada listed as one that they will be streaming, but they do have highlights from training, so it appears that they are in Portugal. https://svffplay.solidtango.com/

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Strange, thought they were streaming all their games domestically.

Haven't followed sver-eya lately so no idea what they'll bring to the table. But two great teams and beautiful weather so should be a fantastic game.

Hope Labbe's commitment is rewarded with the start.

Also wish countries sent A and B teams to give more players a chance to showcase.

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34 minutes ago, tc-in-bc said:

Haven't found a stream. Bit of an invisible debut for the demure Dane. 

The Swedish FA now have all their group stages games listed under their live streams! Let's see what it's like in 1 hour's time.

Here's the direct link to the Canada match:


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[ 1 ]    2018  Algarve Cup opener: CANWNT  1 - 3  Sweden.  ( Larson 43', Prince 46',Rolfo 52', Blackstenius 87') 

Canada hasn't played since November 2017 whereas Sweden crushed South Africa in late January 2018. 

[ 2  ]  Nichelle Prince did well.   I'm not complaining about Christine Sinclair but she seemed a bit lethargic out there.  Kadeisha Buchanan was fine but the other center backs were poor: Rebecca Quinn in particular has a history of mistakes/turnovers which lead to goals by opponents.

[ 3 ]  A lot of giveaways by Canada in this match. Maybe rust?  And pre-match, Kenneth  Heiner-Moller  made assurances that that Canada's first practice took care of  all of  the rust. 

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Sweden with the 3-1 victory. Prince did really well to create the tying goal. Otherwise, Canada didn't create all the much offensively. A lack of communication led to Sweden's first goal (Quinn blocked the pass instead of leaving it for Labbé) and then two bad giveaways led to the others (I know Zadorsky wasn't on the field for very long, but that was awful pass).

Besides Prince, I thought Buchanan stood out and was great at the back. Sinclair was also decent at holding up the ball and distributing to others, but she doesn't have any speed anymore.

Schmidt had a bad game - poor first touches and wayward passes. I suspect Matheson will start the next match.

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1 hour ago, Vic said:

Unfortunately couldn't watch it but sounds like we were a bit wanting as a team in both directions.

Highlights of the goals are here:

Netherlands 6-2 Japan. Went up 6-1 and subbed five players out early. Bananas.

Last goal was shameful!!!... Pathetic giveaway, seriously!... smh

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In her defense she just got on the field. Shouldn't make a difference but it can.

Last year we lost to Spain 0-1 in the final.  In our opener we beat Denmark 1-0 (who went on to do great things in the summer).

Our lineup in the opener last year was:
Labbe, Chapman, Buchanan, Zadorsky, Quinn, Lawrence, Scott, Sinclair, Schmidt, Beckie, Fleming, Prince

Exact same lineup we had yesterday.  One small exception, last year Prince came in for a couple minutes, this year it was Zadorsky.  Other than that IDENTICAL.

So likely just a bad day at the office for everyone. The defenders with the obvious gaffes and the attackers for not forcing the Swedes into similar errors and not filling their net.

Here are the top FIFA rankings:
USA (beat Germany 1-0 tonight)
Korea DPR

What do you notice? That it's not 2005 anymore and anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday. As we saw with the Japanese and Dutch today. It's becoming more level like men's soccer where anyone inside the top 50 can knock the leaders off on a good day.

Medaling in anything is about peaking at the right time and getting all the planets in alignment is easier said than done.

For anyone tracking Algarve in's and out's from last year.

IN:  Leon, Hellstrom, Woeller, McLeod, Kelly, Matheson, Grosso
OUT: Lamontagne, Carle, Taylor, Levasseur, D'Angelo, Stratigakis


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2018 Algarve Cup . Russia vs Canada . March 2, 2018 , 11 am PT/  2 pm ET.

The Russians had their first fixture  streamed  ( a loss to South Korea ) and  there's a working archived copy  ( the  fourth option  down on the right ). More importantly,  it looks like they're going to stream the  match w/ Canada tomorrow -- though I offer no guarantees that it will work for us: 


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13 hours ago, CNMNTPERUELIGIBLE said:

Was Huitema already in the squad for the Algarve last year? 

She was. She made her senior team debut against Spain in the final, as a fifteen year old. Third youngest player to take the field for CWNT.

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Whereas for us this tournament is the cake, for most federations it's the icing on the cake, the cake being their domestic platforms.

Our Algarve Cup companions, in terms of their league and how long they have had a domestic league:

Australia - W-League, 22 years 
China - Chinese Women's Super League, 20 years 
Denmark - Elitedivisionen, 45 years 
Iceland - Úrvalsdeild kvenna, 50 years 
Japan - Nadeshiko, 29 years 
Netherlands - Eredivisie, 46 years 
Norway - Toppserien, 34 years 
Portugal - Campeonato Nacional, 25 years 
Russia - Top Division, 26 years 
South Korea - WK League, 10 years 
Sweden - Damallsvenskan, 45 years

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