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2 minutes ago, LeoH037 said:

I don't get the petty cheap shots against Weah... him and David actually have quite good chemistry on the pitch, seem to have a close relationship off it, and aren't in competition with one another. 

Tell that to all the Americans that called David a fraud all year. It’s funny how it’s all crickets now. 

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Alternatively - it is just a joke.  No need to take it too seriously.  I chuckled, threw it laughy face, and moved on.  

It is cool that they seem to be friends. And while I normally don’t root for the American guys (cough *understatement* cough) I do kind of like Weah.  I just hope his development in no way impedes David’s progress.  

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29 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

Curious who David will have with him in attack.  Probably Ikone with Weah subbing in later but him and Weah have shown some good chemistry.  With both Yilmaz and Yazici still out I am curious if Weah gets the start with JD.  

Yazici is back in the squad today. Not sure if he starts though 


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25 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

Oh, and Lyon lost yesterday and Monaco were held to a draw this morning.  Of the 3 teams at the top competing with Lille only PSG hit the win this weekend.   Lille need to make sure they take advantage of the slip ups to go back to the top of the table.  

And Brest beat them last time out with 3 early goals (David didn't start this one) so they'll need to be sharp from the opening whistle.  This will be a tough game.

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21 minutes ago, Aird25 said:

Out of all the options, Ikone is my least favourite strike partner for David. Hope I’m wrong, but I predict another frustrating match

At least Ikone (and others) seem to be finding him with passes a bit more often lately.  Not excusing the sometimes selfish play of the other guys but JD’s early (lack of) finishing wouldn’t really inspire a lot of confidence - especially among those not that familiar with him.  Now that he has found his groove I expect more passes to come his way.   

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