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14 minutes ago, Gian-Luca said:

That 2nd goal was the type I've been waiting all season to see him score, a nice combination play with the team with David involved in the build-up and finishing it off. Not a surprise that it didn't involve Ikone - yes, I know he made a nice play for David's goal mid-week but twice in the 2nd half he made some great individual runs but didn't know when to lay it off for a teammate and took a low percentage shot instead.

You can see that there is a lot of chemistry between David & Weah (who pulled a non-Ikone and immediately found David on that 2nd goal), will be interesting and fun to see how that plays out when the one day go head-to-head internationally (presumably in the Octagon as I doubt either player will be used for the Gold Cup with all the WCQ matches happening).

Ya it’s funny I think it was Weah who you can see raising his arms just as the ball left David’s foot before it even goes in it’s like he already knew this ball is going in.

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Guys, it is fun to spell this out. There was a very big game today. Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, and David all entered the field. Only one of those players left with a goal, and got the 3 points for the

Here's the translated article:   Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready” Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks abou

some positive news here. Galtier saying David is healing much faster than anticipated and he’s walking around well. He definitely won’t play the next two matches but it sounds like he should return be

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6 minutes ago, SthMelbRed said:

Watching that clip, it seems to me that JD has dropped some kilos in recent weeks. He's not looking as barrel-chested as he was earlier in the season.

In the l'Equipe article, he mentioned that at the start of the Ligue 1 season, he hadn't played since March and his weight was 84kg on 1.80m. Keep in mind that he had been kept out of Gent preseason games when they were negotiating with Lille and wasn't practicing with the team.

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Here's the translated article:


Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready”

Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks about his difficult integration into LOSC.

Thursday, 2 p.m., in the Luchin amphitheater. Jonathan David arrives relaxed. Pose in all positions without flinching in front of the lens. Before fifty-three minutes of story on his life course then introspection on his first part of the complicated season. The day before, the LOSC center forward scored in Bordeaux (3-0) his fifth goal with the Mastiffs. The young Canadian international (21) has regained his composure. He also had a lot of other things to tell us.

"How were you born in Brooklyn?
We had family in the United States. My parents had spent three months in New York before returning to Haiti, where they are from. I stayed in Port-au-Prince for my first six years, in a French-speaking environment and a particular culture. When I was six, we moved to Canada. In Ottawa, it was the complete change, the cold, the snow and the learning of English. It was harder for my parents in terms of the language. I played soccer with my father, who was also a striker. I copied his goalscoring stuff.

Where and when did you start in a club?
At ten, in a recreational club, during the summer. But I took pleasure in several sports, hockey, American football, basketball, the gym. I was a serious student. My mother was pushing for studies. As a joke, I replied: "I want to become a footballer." When I was 11, I went to the Gloucester Hornets (Ottawa). I met my trainer, Hanny El-Maghraby there. It was he who developed my skills and helped me become a man until I left for Belgium. The trigger occurs around 14-15 years old, with young people in Canada. I told myself that I could make this sport my job.

Why choose Europe from the age of 16?
European clubs made me dream. I watched Barça a lot, Arsenal de Wenger, with Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. I might not have been ready in my head. But that was the only option, the goal from the start. I knew we would have to make sacrifices. That's when I met Nick Mavromaras, my agent, who had the contacts.

How did your first tests go?
The first, at Red Bull in Salzburg, lasted three weeks. I did not understand German. I tried to find my bearings with the signs, the attitudes of the players. We had a few friendlies. It went well. But they didn't keep me. They had to wait until I was 18. The second, in Stuttgart, lasted a week. We waited long enough for their response. After their refusal, I asked myself questions. And I came back to Europe a third time, to Ghent, for a week (November 2016). Then a second time (March 2017). There, I was told: "It's good." I was still able to complete my high school education in Canada. And I came back to Belgium for the Belgian pre-season with the under-21s (July 2017 to October). I was patient. I trained every day.But I didn't start playing until I was 18 (2018-2019). Then everything went very quickly.

Because you equalize against Zulte-Waregem (1-1, 4 August 2018) from your first entry (77th) with the first team?
I had already done a half-season in reserve (with Yves Vanderhaeghe). I did not play or very little in the 4-3-3. Jess Thorup (appointed October 9, 2018) gave me the number ten position behind forwards Depoitre and Yaremtchouk. I had a lot of freedom, my benchmarks, confidence.

Why did you choose Lille rather than Mönchengladbach?
The meeting with Luis Campos (then advisor to former president Gerard Lopez). I liked his project. That of a very young team, with a lot of ambition, the European Cup. I was going to play, continue to progress in a French-speaking environment supposed to promote my integration. The L1 was the walk to grow up in a very good club from the top of the table. The right time to test myself. Ghent wanted to keep me. It was tense between the two clubs. But my decision was already made. I saw how the president fought to recruit me.

How did you react to his departure in December?
It hit me. I was a bit in the dark. Especially since I learned it overnight. Subsequently, Olivier Létang (new CEO) came to see me. In the past, he wanted to recruit me in Rennes. He had taken information from Arnaud Souquet (the Montpellier player played at the Gantoise in 2018-2019).

Why is your first season at LOSC more difficult than expected?
When I arrived, I had not played since March (Belgian championship stoppage). I had lost my rhythm. I weighed 84 kg (1.80 m). I had to quickly melt, know my teammates, the tactics after a single friendly match against Brest (1-2). I was not ready. I have not underestimated this Championship. I knew the L1 was very defensive. Not easy to mark there. In Belgium, these are mainly transition teams. There are fewer spaces in France, less reaction time available. Fortunately, everyone helped me in the locker room. Jeremy (Foot) talked to me a lot. Tim (Weah) too.

Did you also carry the weight of the biggest transfer in the history of the club (27 M € excluding bonus and commission)?
A little. There were expectations. But the greatest pressure was on me. I wanted to perform, to show what I was capable of. It did not work. People doubted. I was not marking. I expected the reviews.

Hence your immense relief after your first goal against Lorient (4-0, 22 November)?
I have been waiting for it for a long time. It calmed me down. My teammates came around me. They understood. No one sees me getting angry. But I can have moments of frustration. At one point, I stopped focusing on scoring. I worked defensively, made calls. I always wondered what I could do to help.

Your goal, Wednesday, in Bordeaux, is without hesitation.Is this period of doubt over?
The opportunity presented itself. I took my chance. Before, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. I removed the downtime between checking and typing. An attacker must continue to score in every game. When I arrived, I didn't have that killer mentality. The coach (Christophe Galtier) talks to me about it a lot. He helped me by making me play, by telling me that he trusted me, that I was doing good things and that they were going to pay off. Mike (Maignan) too.

Isn't the hardest part that your mom doesn't see what you've become (*)?
Of course, she hasn't seen me play much. In this difficult period with Lille, she would have helped me a lot. It gave me a much more robust mind. This is what makes my strength. "

(*) Rose Grethelle David passed away on December 2, 2019 following a long illness.

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1 hour ago, El Diego said:

Absolutely love to see it. I think Burak is coming back soon, though I don't know how serious the injury to Yazici is. I think Galtier will try and make David and Burak work if they're both healthy.

Weah's also giving Galtier headaches in a good way.  David and Weah seem to be combining well on and off the field.

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34 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

Curious if David starts on the bench as a “just in case” option.  

I'm wondering how much either team really cares. Lille trying to win the title and Dijon battling relegation.

I would say maybe David starts with Weah and gets subbed off at 60 minutes no matter what.

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3 hours ago, narduch said:

I'm wondering how much either team really cares. Lille trying to win the title and Dijon battling relegation.

I would say maybe David starts with Weah and gets subbed off at 60 minutes no matter what.

I am seeing two scenarios. 

- David is on the bench and they basically start a full second string to save up for the title push

- David starts amongst a bunch of second stringers in an effort to let him keep building fitness and confidence   

Not sure which I think is more likely.  And either way I think you are right that he doesn’t play more than 60 or 65 minutes at most.


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51 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

Odd that squad numbers are seemingly reset for French Cup matches. Anyone with insight into this? Weah is wearing David's #9. Must be a real thrill to wear your idol's number with him watching. 

I don't get the petty cheap shots against Weah... him and David actually have quite good chemistry on the pitch, seem to have a close relationship off it, and aren't in competition with one another. 

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