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Guys, it is fun to spell this out. There was a very big game today. Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, and David all entered the field. Only one of those players left with a goal, and got the 3 points for the

Here's the translated article:   Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready” Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks abou

some positive news here. Galtier saying David is healing much faster than anticipated and he’s walking around well. He definitely won’t play the next two matches but it sounds like he should return be

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On 2/3/2021 at 8:07 PM, One American said:

His pass on the Weah goal was a thing of beauty. He scored, too, I take it? Awesome! 

After a slow start, David's season seems to be moving upward from disaster to disappointment with promise for next year. It might even end up at OK. Glad to see it. 


That didn't aged well



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5 minutes ago, Shway said:

Shout out Jonathan for his confidence and determination to not be discouraged but too press on and believe in himself.

Specifically shout out to the manager for his faith that David would find his feet. A lot of managers would’ve dropped him many times.

Good point. During his struggles I was shocked how often he was in the starting 11. Glad it paid off for David and the manager!

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So happy for this guy. Had a tough start to the season under a lot of pressure, but kept his head in it, kept making the runs that he knew he should be making, and now it is paying off.  As he gets his confidence and bangs in more goals, his teammates will be more inclined to find him with the passes.  And I agree about Galtier. He clearly saw the potential in David and stuck with him - probably more than a lot of other managers would do.  

Just a damn good morning.  

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That 2nd goal was the type I've been waiting all season to see him score, a nice combination play with the team with David involved in the build-up and finishing it off. Not a surprise that it didn't involve Ikone - yes, I know he made a nice play for David's goal mid-week but twice in the 2nd half he made some great individual runs but didn't know when to lay it off for a teammate and took a low percentage shot instead.

You can see that there is a lot of chemistry between David & Weah (who pulled a non-Ikone and immediately found David on that 2nd goal), will be interesting and fun to see how that plays out when the one day go head-to-head internationally (presumably in the Octagon as I doubt either player will be used for the Gold Cup with all the WCQ matches happening).

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