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Here's the translated article:   Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready” Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks abou

Guys, it is fun to spell this out. There was a very big game today. Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, and David all entered the field. Only one of those players left with a goal, and got the 3 points for the

some positive news here. Galtier saying David is healing much faster than anticipated and he’s walking around well. He definitely won’t play the next two matches but it sounds like he should return be

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Was just on the point of mentioning that Lille really need to start these last couple of matches a bit sharper than they have, passing is right off, and well then there you go.  

Have the ball though, that'll help them grow into it.

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I pretty sure I could program my keyboard to assist in calling match commentary for Lille's remaining fixtures.  Just pre record a few phrases and I'm good to go for the next couple of months.   

F1= Oh.  Bamba's pass couldn't quite find [insert name here].

F2= Djalo just caught in possession there. 

F3= Lille.... struggling to find an opening in the final third.

F4= The 37 year old Fonte's pace really being tested out there. 

F5=  Lille's record signing, Jonathan David sitting on just 2 goals so far this season.

You get the idea.

Hey!  Could put together some special addition Europa League phrases!   Nah.  Why bother?

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12 minutes ago, Craig11rm said:

David had a pretty good moment where he dribbled by a few coming off the wing and then made a good pass... but the whole time the commentator was calling him Ikone...

Curse of the three Jonathans up top. David just set up Bamba with another unselfish pass. He's still far too uninvolved though 

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Nothing quite says "mis-hit shot" like a slow motion vid that follows the flight of a football, with a nice bit of bottoms on it for effect, as is climbs higher and higher into end stands.

Row H, I, J.

Definately got under that one.

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