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There is no doubt that the defending in Ligue 1 is way better than in Belgium, but David has had more chances in the last few games than he had previously. He should have at least 3  goals...including the missed penalty. He is playing well now.. it's just a matter of finishing off his chances...I dont think the league is too high for him.

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Here's the translated article:   Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready” Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks abou

Yes, you have made that abundantly clear.  You don't need to say it again.

PSG lose 2-0 to Monaco so Lille are 1st, 3 pts ahead of Lyon and 4 pts ahead of PSG

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1 hour ago, narduch said:

I was thinking this thread needs a subtitle: Canadian soccer fan torture porn.

"I'm sorry, narduch.  The correct answer would be "What is watching Jonathon David's inaugural season at Lille of Ligue 1.  What is.  That incorrect answer costs you $200 and control of the board passes to cheeta."

"Let's continue with Canadian soccer fan torture porn For $300, Alex."

"He took control of The Golden Generation and Canada's Mens National Team without any previous experience managing mens international soccer or coaching a professional  mens side."

"Who is John Herdman?"


"Canadian soccer fan torture porn for $400, Alex."

"While coaching, at the time, Canada's only professional club side he said "We can't win with Canadians." and still kept his job."

"Who is Trader Mo Johnson.  Canadian soccer fan porn for $500."

"DAILY DOUBLE.  For $1,000 cheeta, This player spent his youth developing and training in Canada before continuing his career in Europe and representing a country other than Canada."

"....20 seconds, cheeta........we're running out of time...we need an answer."











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I think he played quite well that half he just needs to get that first one, he is getting so close unfortunate to hit the post instead of scoring! I noticed him being in some very good positions at times and his team mates either ignored him or didn't see him, I haven't watched many of his matches so I'm not sure if this has been a common theme!

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A few random thoughts:

- by far his most dangerous performance.   He is really linking well with teammates and also showing the sort of individual skills that made him a hot commodity.   Early on he had (I think) three different instances where he turned the defender to get into open space. 

- I know he still needs a goal but damn he is playing well.  Even if he doesn’t get one today, the coach has to see the sort of contribution he is making and appreciate it.  I get that strikers need to score goals but he makes them more dangerous.  But that post...

- I know it is easier to play well against weaker teams but Lille look absolutely top class in this game.  They are passing well, making runs for each other, and just being dominant.  I suspect this was the “project” that they sold David on when he chose to sign here.  And for anyone who thinks this move was a mistake, I would point to that first half as exhibit A that we may want to reserve judgement on that.  With games like this and their performances in Europe, he clearly joined a team with ambition.  Yes, his development needs to continue being a priority but Lille are clearly a team on the upswing.  

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