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Guys, it is fun to spell this out. There was a very big game today. Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, and David all entered the field. Only one of those players left with a goal, and got the 3 points for the

Here's the translated article:   Jonathan David (Lille): “I wasn't ready” Jonathan David, the Canadian center forward from Lille, scorer of three goals in his last four matches, talks abou

some positive news here. Galtier saying David is healing much faster than anticipated and he’s walking around well. He definitely won’t play the next two matches but it sounds like he should return be

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Lille with a 2nd goal (not that we saw a single reply showing the ball over the line), David more involved this time as it was his run and then cross in front of goal that was deflected out front for the guy who eventually put it in.


Edit, they finally showed a replay which show it going over the line. 2-0 Lille

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41 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

He will come good.  He is playing in a better league that moves faster and has better defenders.  He is learning to play a role with people that don’t know him yet - and where he isn’t the golden boy.  This will be good for him.  Mark my words, David will be a success in France and Bith parties will ultimately be happy they made this move.  

This. A lot of players need time to adjust to the league, teamates, tactics...Werner & Havertz have not been  setting the EPL on fire to date

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He isn’t seeing a ton of the ball by any stretch, but he seems to be increasingly involved.   He still seems too passive some times - jogging behind the play and watching others making things happen (versus being involved in it).  But that seems less often now.  On the second goal he showed that cool little fake and delay that made the defender bite to free up the space.  The manager is sticking with him and they keep winning.  Things could be far worse.  

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34 minutes ago, Mikmacdo said:

I gotta stop watching these games, they just make me frustrated. 

Felt that way a few weeks ago. I am in the acceptance stage now. David's situation is what it is. I now watch with low expectations and low anger.

Like others have said, it could be worse. He's starting for the team topping the French table. He's not burning chances. Things aren't so bad.

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I have not been able to catch any of their games.   But,  As long as the club is winning,  the coach is not going to shake things up.    Its not unusual for forwards to score in bunches.  To give you an example,  if suddenly in the next game he were to score two,  that would put him level with the output from Mbappé and Neymar.  And,  we wouldnt be debating if Lille was right move or right fit.

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