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United As One aka World Cup 2026 bid

Rocket Robin

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All the sound bytes from the press conference in Toronto on December 9th, 2017 and my summary on my site:


So the argument can begin...if there are only three teams in each group that's only three games for the entire group and two for each team.  Do you want Canada to travel across the country for their two games (and overcome exhaustion) or stay in one city and the Round of 32 game is in another city?  Will they get that far? Are you feeling lucky punk...oh that's another movie. 

Only ten games for Canada.  Toronto with BMO Field which will have to be upgraded to at least 40000 minimum (see bid) Roger Center not an option.  Montreal, Edmonton, or Vancouver? 

Anthony Totero complains that he wanted (Canada) to have more than ten games.  Would he attend a Russia vs Saudi Arabia game that leads off next year's tourney?  The caliber of 48 teams will make the must see games even less.  Ooh Honduras vs Syria.  Totero do you really expect Italy to play in Toronto? 

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I still hate the fact they expanded it to 48. If they HAD to expand it, they should have just stopped at 40 teams. Adding 1 additional team to each group.

By making groups of 3, they are setting themselves up for situations that happened in the 70s and 80s where teams worked with each other to get a result that would benefit both of the 2 teams that are in the final game of the group.

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