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I hate dwelling on the past but just look what Okello, Priso, Shaffelburg & Peruzza were able to do against a top Mexican club.  Add in Nelson, Marshall-Rutty and Dunn in the mix.  Now imagine the

Noble has been loaned out to HB Koge FC of the Danish second division for the remainder of the 2020 Fall season.  This is the same team that TFC loaned Rocco Romeo too (however Rocco's loan is for the

The MLS homegrown team wins the shoot-out 3-0 (the Mexicans missed all three PK's, with their keeper taking the first) and Okello (who wasn't one of the three shooters in the PK) takes home the MVP aw

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1 hour ago, baulderdash77 said:

With his physical profile and disruptive playing I could see him switch over to CB.  What he needs is 1st team minutes or he will stagnate on the vine like so many have at TFC.

He also has looked great attacking in the U20s so I'm reluctant with the he's big therefore he should be CB argument. 

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1 hour ago, Canuckistan2019 said:

Watching him right now you guys are insane if you think he can be a cb. He’s got too much skill

Yes, because it's possible to be too skilful as a CB. Somebody better alert Virgil Van Dijk.*


*I don't have an opinion on whether or not Noble Okello can or should be played at CB. However, to suggest that he's too skilful to play there is a foolish assertion. It's like saying that a particular player is too big to play as a winger or full-back. That being said, that's a different claim than saying that he'd be better deployed in midfield in a particular team, depending on the other options across the pitch.

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I had to pick my son up from volleyball last night at halftime so missed the discussion of the sub.  Was pretty surprised to see Okello off the field when I came back.  Was there any discussion or explanation from the commentators?  It seemed like he was quite effective out there. 

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