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I like Calgary home best. Very bold though, not sure if it is easy to sell as street wear. Valour away is nice, with the fade ins and subtle details. Edmonton home, elegant, interesting graphics on front, and that deep blue, very nice

Then I like the coherence of Forge just flipping the colours for home and away, good. The grey shirt is nice. HFX is similar to this.  

Kits with regular collars (none) and then the polo shirt effect, it is unusual for a single season's kit to have both.

I think Pacific and HFX are a bit too close, I wonder if VW really will sponsor both or if it is just for now.

I personally do not like white shorts. 

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The closest thing to a completely monochrome kit (something we have an abundance of in this country) is the FC Edmonton white kit, but the pinstripes make it not too bad.  Wanderers' sky blue kit.  Wanderers' scarf.  Contrasting sock turnovers.  


No teams with hoops or actual stripes.  Two of seven clubs sponsored by VW.  Pacific's colour combination, even one of those two colours on its own would be bad.

Winner:  Cavalry, which surprises me.

Observation:  I don't remember Haber being that huge.

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If you read the accompanying articles - the Forge indicate that they have a 3rd kit coming which based on the description will probably be Black and Yellow/Gold based - to reflect the other teams in that city - my hunch is that one would sell better than their more boring ones shown today. The high-res pictures where you can zoom in give you a better idea of some of the "extras" on each jersey -- I figured based on the colours that I would like Halifax best (my second team as I used to live there), and I was right, I am a sucker for the double blue. The Calgary Home one is striking, and the York home one is more interesting up close than from further away (I really wanted to like the York kits as that is my "home" team but I think I might be buying it out of obligation more than anything else....ha ha ha......)

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I wonder why they went with home/away for the kits as opposed to the more traditional primary/alternate. I would have preferred the later. Play in 1 kit as much as possible to build the identity.

My top 5 in no particular order:

Pacific Away
Edmonton Away
Valour Away
York Home
Halifax Home

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Thanks to @mpg_29 for posting all the images. I merged them into one to post here. I love the subtleness of some of the design, a lot which didn't come through in the kit reveal.

Edit: that didn't work. I'll try again. I can't figure it out! Go to each thread to check them out!


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Combo ranks
1. Cavs - classical style with the red, the camo look is interesting
2. Forge - good colour combo
3. Valour - feels exciting, strong colours
4. FCE - nice mix of modern and classical between the two kits
5. York 9 - good use of colour and stripes on the white but the all green is a little lacking
6. HFX - little dull but colours work with the VW logo and the collar is nice
7. Pacific - very dull, almost sleepy. kind of underwhelming given their strong logo design and branding

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Love both Cavs kits. 

Very few of these kits are going to age well. It's funny after seeing the players shot all i could think of was this: 

On 3/12/2019 at 10:16 PM, Toronto Ruffrider said:

It could be worse I suppose.


Welcome to our future! 

Over all they are decent quality. A few are a bit meh. Feck knows what colours saskatoon would use if they came on board now greens (sk) and purples (bcfirm).. an no...no love at Norwich canarie strip suggestions:) 

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