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CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion

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14 minutes ago, baulderdash77 said:

I don’t see how this is better than PQSL, L1O, L1BC.  Doesn’t seem like a D2 league to me.  Its just trying to replicate the PDL in Canada which is just a D3/D4 thing anyways. Seems like a waste of time.

L1O and PQSL are doing fine and seem to be open leagues more or less.

Why not just make a D3 Prairies and be done with building out our D3 pyramid.


Yes, lets hope this is done strategically and doesn't create overlapping competitions.

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It is hard to tell until the full details are disclosed or announced.

I imagine with CSB/CPL owning L1 and likely not being on board with D2 idea they had to distinguish it somehow other wise it's not serving a purpose in the pyramid. Could be the wages and financial commitment/backing that will attract a higher standard of player or other benchmarks but they would surely have to outline and justify reasons for it being above the existing league to warrant CSA ratification. 

Edit: the most logical thing would have been to have L1 in every region, which I thought was the direction we would be seeing. But if CSB didnt like the vision of those behind the d2 league then like L1 Ontario might not have easily integrated. Maybe it transpires and is the goal we will get a region based d3 across the board too and this is a whole new level in between, necessitated by a few clubs there feel they are tweeners between the existing set up and CPL, which seems to be be case.

All imagination until something official comes out. Looks like it is NSL though. 

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5 hours ago, Big_M said:

so would be amateur so players cant be paid other than their expenses paid..and 3 month season..dont see how it would be interesting for plsq teams for example that has a 4-5 month season with way less travel..and interesting that an amateur league is being classified as d2 while d3 leagues can pay players

Exactly, with the details that's been mentioned this is not a D2 league no matter what the originators want to call it. Seems like its just another set of regional D3 leagues under one banner to make like its a true "National" setup.

Seems like they want to capitalize on the success that Canada's D1 CPL had its first year in a similar way for an attempt at a D2 league that's unfortunately just a D3 set of league's in reality.


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The only significant difference between D3 and D2 in terms of the sanctioning standards is that one is provincial and the other national. It's therefore easier to combine the west at D2 level under the CSA because there are four provinces involved and the provincial associations may be more interested in pushing their own already existing provincial leagues like the AMSL in Alberta.

Think it's difficult for people from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to see this issue from the point of view of smaller cities. If you are trying to run a team as a big spectator event somewhere like Windsor, London or Barrie it's going to be easier to do it with something like a National League Soccer branding than with a bunch of nondescript suburban youth clubs from the GTA that are making zero effort to build a fan base beyond friends and family of the players as has long been the norm in D2/D3 circles in Ontario going back at least as far as the CPSL in the late 90s. 1000+ fans = revenue = ability to actually pay players in a regional bus travel format rather than just pretend to.

It's also easier to do it at a level where you don't need to build a very expensive 5000+ seat SSS but can first demonstrate the need for one to local politicians by drawing large crowds at a lower level in a proof of concept sort of way. Winnipeg and Hamilton could easily do CanPL straight away in infrastructure terms. Cities like Thunder Bay, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Windsor, London, K/W, St Catherines, Barrie, Sudbury, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Charlottetown and Frederiction can not and should also be catered to by the CSA in a way that works best for them.

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17 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

The only significant difference between D3 and D2 in terms of the sanctioning standards is that one is provincial and the other national.

Can you link to the CSA D2 sanctioning standards you are claiming are not significantly different between Canada's D2 and D3 because don't think CSA has released anything publicly.

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1 hour ago, narduch said:

A 10 to 12 team CPL with a 16 team 2nd division wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. 


It looks like some of the Can PL expansion markets are becoming D2 instead


i don’t see why Montreal can’t have a D2, was hoping for a team in Laval or something I would have bought season tickets.

clearly this D2 is happening and a Cdn soccer pyramid is being built, this is only good news. With the D3 coming out west, and now a D2, our U-Sports and NCAA talent is only going to improve.

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