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Stephen Eustaquio

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I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere else yet but Stephen Eustaquio is a top 10 finalist for the Most Valuable Player of the season in Liga Nos as voted per players and coaches.  It's great to see that his excellent play was noticed by his teammates and opponents in Liga Nos.  

Interesting enough, no Benfica players made the final 10, however 7 of the 10 players are from either Porto or Sporting.  Eustaquio from Pacos, along with a Portimonense player and a Braga player rounded up the top 10.  It's great to see Eustaquio's name alongside some great players such as Palhinha, Sebastian Coates, Pedro Gonsalves, Sergio Oliveira, Pepe, Tecatito & Mehdi Taremi.



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Good to hear him getting some recognition.  Crucial part of our midfield and becoming one of my favourite players. 

Some transfer rumours about him today. 

Braga - https://www.abola.pt/nnh/2021-07-05/sc-braga-eustaquio-na-equacao/896727 

Same and Porto (and sort of Napoli)



Not one for players moving for the sake of it but some of the passing I have seen him pull off is squandered by his current teammates.  Not to be elitist.  

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Braga would be a little bit of a disappointment after hearing the likes of Porto and Napoli were after him, but Braga was the club I thought he would move to before the start of last season. He would likely be an everyday starter at Braga, which may not be the case at Porto, and almost certainly wouldn't be the case at Napoli, so there are still positives if that's where he goes. 

Braga will start in the Europa League group stage this season. They also won the Portuguese cup last season.

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12 minutes ago, CanadaSantos said:

I think he'll end up with Braga. Benfica is really interested in Braga's midfielder Al Musrati. Eustaquio will end up being the perfect replacement for Braga.

This would be in line with several comments in the article shared by @WestHamCanadianinOxford, for what it's worth.

Thanks for mentioning that, because I wasn't aware that Al Musrati was tabbed for Benfica, I just understood from the comments he was leaving Braga.

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It would be a good move - Europa League likely every year and probably a lock as a starter. That being said, I would think long and hard about it. He's 24, and while he's absolutely my favourite player on the CMNT, he's not particularly flashy.  If he moves to Braga, I think he'll be spending at least a few years, and if there is interest, they'll be way more capable of holding onto him than Pacos.

He's just so dependable... give him a year, and I really think he could work his way into a Porto/Napoli starting 11. Sporting is reportedly in the race as well. Maybe I have too much faith in him, but if it's available, I would go for the bigger move even if playing time isn't guaranteed at the beginning.

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26 minutes ago, TGAA_Star said:

His free kick goal was great to say the least. He has 2 goals so far in this Gold Cup but I definitely was not expecting him to be a goal scorer but seeing it I won't be surprised if he scores more in this tournament.

Isn't he out against USA? 

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