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Pacos continue to climb the Liga table with another win today. 3-1 with Stephen at CM for the full 90.

Eustaquio in the Liga Nos starting 11, and ranked as the top central midfielder.   https://desporto.sapo.pt/futebol/primeira-liga/artigos/votacao-fc-porto-em-maioria-do-onze-da-12-a-jornada-

Since joining Pacos in 2020, he has featured in 11 of the 14 games (starting most of those).  He has played in all 3 games since the league resumed and started in both games they've won in June.

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Pacos scored in the 14th minute, and then turtled all game. He did some very solid work defensively, but it's just a waste of his talents when he's not organizing the midfield. 


Anyways, I think he's developed a lot this season. He's obviously got that range threat, but he's just as much an octopus as Atiba. He doesn't have the same physicality, but he's so good at breaking up passes and drawing fouls, to the point where it's difficult to get anything through the middle third. WhoScored gave him a 7.1 today, despite a yellow card.


Another MOTM:


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The better Pacos does the more tempting it may be to stay. No doubt he'll offers from bigger clubs, but the David to Lille transfer shows the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Difference here is that Gent owned David and Pacos have Eustaquio on loan. 

I do expect him to take a move up, but it makes one wonder if he's stay if Pacos qualify for the Europe league or (very unlikely) the Champions League. They are 7 points off 3rd place Porto. 3rd is Champions League qualifying, no?

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21 minutes ago, Obinna said:

The better Pacos does the more tempting it may be to stay.


If it's a choice between limited minutes within the framework of Sporting/Porto/Benfica vs a key role with Pacos playing in Europa League...well Pacos it is!

It's important to tread carefully. The Benfica move didn't work out well for Vitória and arguably stalled his career; same thing for Cristante.

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I agree but you have to believe in your ability and expectations and the opportunity you'll be provided are outlined as part of the acquisition process. If you have a Champions League team knocking on your door, you gotta do it. That would be my mentality. The window of opportunity closes pretty quick. The Pacos of the world aren't going anywhere 

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I keep hearing from Cruz Azul reporters that they kinda have to sell him unless they wanna lose $4 million, but wow is that team disorganized. I'm feeling like he's gonna sign with someone in the summer (with 6 months left on his contract at that point).


On staying with Pacos, well 1, I think someone pointed out that he'd have to take a dramatic wage cut from what Cruz Azul are giving him, but 2, this is pretty new territory for them. They're battling it out with Vitoria for that Euro spot, and it's gonna be like that every year. That 5th spot just sends them to the qualifying rounds, right?


I have a lot of faith that he could work his way into a starting 11 very quickly with Porto/Sporting, but you'd have to think there would be teams in Spain that would want him as well? There has to be some top team where he would get minutes; he's too talented not to.

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