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Pacos continue to climb the Liga table with another win today. 3-1 with Stephen at CM for the full 90.

Eustaquio in the Liga Nos starting 11, and ranked as the top central midfielder.   https://desporto.sapo.pt/futebol/primeira-liga/artigos/votacao-fc-porto-em-maioria-do-onze-da-12-a-jornada-

Since joining Pacos in 2020, he has featured in 11 of the 14 games (starting most of those).  He has played in all 3 games since the league resumed and started in both games they've won in June.

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On 12/9/2019 at 2:30 PM, Ruffian said:

I believe in MLS transfer fees are counted as wages and are spread throughout the length of the contract. 

Yes that's correct. Or more specifically it doesn't count as wages but counts against the team's salary budget. So if for instance they signed him for 4 years for 3.2Mil, that would be an 800K/year cap hit, meaning they would have to pay him a max of 700K/year to stay under the TAM 1.5Mil limit. Whatever the real numbers were, probably a factor in why he "refused" the offer.

IMO he's still young and I would prefer to see him in Europe with the possibility of moving up a level. The oddities of the MLS contracting system and it still being largely an afterthought in Europe make it a shitty league to try to move up from, which I feel he's still capable of doing.

I think comparisons with Piette are only valid to a certain extent. Let's not forget, one was transferring from D3 Spain, where as the other is on the books for one of the largest clubs in the World outside of Europe.

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On 1/5/2020 at 12:21 PM, Obinna said:

 I thought perhaps Eustaquio was not ready...

He didn't have his International Transfer Certificate! Fail.


He may may see playing time for Paços de Ferreira tomorrow.


They have 3 matches in a 9-day period; he should see playing time if there are no more bureaucratic issues.

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Played against Benfica today.

Pacos had a formation change compared to previous matches. They didn't play with a DM to start the match (big mistake, a lot of open space for Benfica in the middle), so Eustaquio played as a CM this time making more attacking runs.

Midway in the second half, he was playing as a DM. Looked MUCH more comfortable playing that position. Barking instructions, controlling the tempo, more space to hit long diagonal passes. Pretty sure he prefers this role.

Sadly his tacking was underwhelming.

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I thought he had a good game overall.  Went the full 90.   He possibly could take some blame for the Rafa goal as he was marking him just as the attacking play was starting, but then left him to go try and press the man with the ball.   However the CB behind him was slow to pick up Rafa and he ended up receiving the pas and scoring. 

Did a decent job helping his team hold on to possession for the majority of the game.  The problem is that Benfica are so lethal on the counter right now and in the blink of an eye 2 counter-attacks ended up as goals for Benfica.   

Overall I thought Stephen and Paços de Ferreira played pretty well and if they continue to play like that I think they can move up a few spots and safely avoid being relegated.

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35 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

We could have 3 players in action in the next 48hrs in Portugal. I guess it's now under the radar as the most Canadian league. Maybe just behind Scottish 3rd division (bit of a joke)

Do you mean Vitoria and Eustaquio in Portugal plus Davies in Germany? Or is there a 3rd mystery player in Portugal I don't know about?

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