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5 minutes ago, Ansem said:

I would add that it's cheaper to take a chance on the talent in Canada that MLS have not touch who might turn up to become gems than paying premium of MLS bencher/USL guy where you know exactly what's their max potential.

If a USL guy or MLS bencher ceiling is maybe one day making the starting XI in MLS or gettting sub minutes at a premium, I'll give a 1+1 contract to 2 or 3 guys with strong stats between age 17 to 19 instead who might develop into something better since they'll be paying way more minutes with adults while not having such a short leash preventing them to play to their full potential.

This is the reality of CPL 1.0 - go through the un-scouted, unknow int he pool, find the good one, create your local stars that you bought low but will sell high and surround them with increasingly better internationals to push them with the wage increase.

Once we have a PROPER Division 2 under the CPL, then the league might go more elite and pursue better Canadians at a premium with stronger internationals + the better youth players. The rest will have a proper D2 to play in and try to develop further. That will be CPL 2.0

I think you've been arguing a different point here. I think most people understand the realities of a new league and what the finances are. Rather, the discussion is that there's a reason some younger MLS players aren't willing to drop down to the CPL just for the playing time, and it's that the gap in pay is just too large. It's not a criticism of the players or the CPL, it just is what it is right now.

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When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.

I just have to say, I am enjoying this league even more than I originally expected. I think in the 12 years I have followed MLS, I could probably count on two hands the amount of games I watched that

I broke it down for you guys *** CPL Commissioner Clanachan interview  https://youtu.be/xQ5oAOq3pJk CPL working on different scenarios and schedules to restart the league Single ta

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57 minutes ago, Ansem said:

New sponsor who's logo will be on a CPL jersey this season...hopefully replacing the onesoccer or Macron


Company name Co-Gaming Ltd.
Address: Spinola Park, Level 3, Triq Mikiel Ang Borg, St Julians, SPK 1000, Malta
Licences: MGA/B2C/178/2009

They say this is a legit, recognized platform based in Malta, the MGA is supposedly an indication of validity. I see they have a lot of gaming options as well as betting.

I don't bet on sports as I actually like sports a lot more than losing money, which is what the vast majority of those betting do. I frankly find it pathetic that you could actually bet on the results of a sport you like. What sort of pleasure can you get from hoping for anything but the result you want as a fan? And why would being a fan not be enough to enjoy the game?

I'll add another opinion: as long as we have players at a subsistence or below wage in CPL, we are seriously exposed to fraudlent behaviour. By we I mean the players. I am not making this up: lower league and semi-pro players from all over the world have been found cheating. We need to bolster salary structure at CPL, as well as prize money (!!!) for trophies, results, to shield our league from this risk.

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1 hour ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

...we are seriously exposed to fraudlent behaviour. By we I mean the players. I am not making this up: lower league and semi-pro players from all over the world have been found cheating...

Especially when the OPP and RCMP were reported in the past to have not viewed what happened in the Trois-Rivières Attak vs Toronto Croatia and other CSL games that were highlighted by the media as a priority in investigation terms:


... In an exclusive story led by CBC's senior investigative reporter Diana Swain that airs tonight on The National, CBC News reveals evidence of the match-fixed Canadian Soccer League game that surfaced in hundreds of hours of police wiretaps obtained by CBC News from a German court case on one of the largest sports-fixing scandals to hit Europe...

Wiretaps show the crime syndicate targeted a Sept. 12, 2009, game in Trois-Rivières between its home team, Attak, and the Toronto Croatia.

Court documents show that €15,000 ($18,000 Cdn) in bribes were paid to several players on the Toronto Croatia team ...


... These accusations of Canadian sports corruption are not about TFC but rather a small, obscure soccer league based in southern Ontario — the Canadian Soccer League, a little league that punches above its weight when it comes to controversy.

Largely based on suspected corruption in the CSL, Canada has been featured in reports of companies that monitor suspicious game activity, including in 2016 when three countries were specifically mentioned in one company’s report for high levels of corruption: Albania, Malta and Canada. ...


...A Vice Sports report quotes several of Niagara’s players as accusing Waterloo of intentionally throwing the game, going as far as allowing Niagara to score on them, and then preventing Niagara’s players from scoring on their own net in an attempt to spoil the alleged fix.

“We don’t want to give them their money, forget it,” United midfielder John Bahdi told the outlet.

“The ball goes out for a goal kick, our keeper quickly plays it to our right back and basically tells him, ‘Put it in our net, shoot on our net, put it in our own net.’ Our right back goes to put it in our own net, by the time he got to shoot it, they had three guys on our goal line and the ball gets kicked off our goal line.” ...

Think CanPL would have enough sense to steer clear of any would be team ownership group or sponsoring company with organized crime links so not too worried about this becoming a major problem like it did with the CSL. Unusual betting patterns are something the league should monitor closely though so they can quickly nip any issues that do start to emerge in the bud.

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4 hours ago, Ansem said:

New sponsor who's logo will be on a CPL jersey this season...hopefully replacing the onesoccer or Macron


Sweet.  Never heard of them but I guess that's the point of advertising isn't it?

Feels like every league on this planet has at least one on-line gambling sponsor and I personally don't have a problem with that.  Vice sells.  Go figure.

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34 minutes ago, JamboAl said:

Ah good ol’ offshore online gambling.  Not strictly illegal but quite an effective tax dodge, especially where Malta is concerned.  But I suppose you wouldn’t set up an operation like that in Norway or Japan (or Canada).

We have government run casinos for that.

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1 hour ago, DavemTFC said:

Great get for the league.

I'm still pissed that TSN essntially traded him for a bumbling JDG but glad KJ has a regular job again, he certainly deserves it

Actually, I think they replaced (or are trying to replace) KJ with Matthew Scianietti, who seems young and enthusiastic, but also seems to have a lot to learn about the world game.

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Now with the bubble announced and only a couple of weeks away, I wonder if we are going to see some loans from TFC and the Whitecaps to CPL sides.  FC Montreal has already loaned a bunch so I don't expect anymore there but guys like Dunn, Facchineri, Metcalf, Romaro, and possibly Rutty would be great to get them some playing time in a professional environment

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