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11 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

I find it hard to believe that anyone with aspirations of running a pro team in Canada would be looking at the US 3rd tier right now.   Aside from sanctioning issues (see Ottawa Fury) and the general lack of awareness of the NISL (I had to google it), we have CPL and discussions for a (regional?) D2 structure underneath it.  In that context, an attempt to get approval to join NISL would be... odd.  

Agreed on all of that. And if they are looking for a temporary home until there is a D2 here, you would think they could follow Barrie and Peterborough’s lead and go to L1O with their pro aspirations.

But as odd as it sounds for a team in Toronto to want to play in NISL, it is even more odd for a team that wants to play in CPL or L1O to just be tweeting about NISL. Hopefully we find out more in the coming months or year, and this doesn’t just fizzle out into nothingness.

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When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.

I broke it down for you guys *** CPL Commissioner Clanachan interview  https://youtu.be/xQ5oAOq3pJk CPL working on different scenarios and schedules to restart the league Single ta

I just have to say, I am enjoying this league even more than I originally expected. I think in the 12 years I have followed MLS, I could probably count on two hands the amount of games I watched that

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I know nisa..watch it on mycujoo..attakora is in it with oakland and they won their first fall season match last week..very short fall season for the three west coast teams as they just face each other once and then theres a single location tournament..eastern teams they are five and will face each other once also before the single location tournament so they play two games more then west

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4 hours ago, toontownman said:

No one ever wants to speak to Saskatchewan 😂.    😭

Always forget about them. Except for the folks from...




Davis Quinton:
Hey, come to watch the match, did you? Thanks for donating the footballs, by the way.

Lacey Burrows:
Oh, well, it's the least I could do for our soccer team... give them some soccer balls... to play soccer with.

Davis Quinton:
The, uh, proper term is football. I think it's best for the kids to hear some of the British terminology.

Lacey Burrows:
Oh. Hey, what's the British term for someone who uses stupid British terms?

Davis Quinton:

Lacey Burrows:
Good to know.

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Horse racing is in a slow decline for decades. Makes sense from the standpoint of diversifying the business and bringing in people to use the casino/slots.

The industry has received millions from government to prop it up.

They have a mascot named Lucky, could this be Yorky's replacement? Can CPL handle two horse themed stadium/mascots?



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17 minutes ago, m-g-williams said:

So, maybe I missed a conversation about this somewhere (been busy with other things lately), but do we have any sense of what Westjet's pull-out from Atlantic Canada is going to mean for the Wanderers (and future expansion to Moncton, St John's , etc.)? 

Its only temporary. Due to covid travel restrictions.

Besides Westjet still flies to Halifax. They just cut their other Atlantic routes.

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36 minutes ago, narduch said:

I have no idea what they are thinking. 

If that happens, we have an "Etobicoke" club. Metrolinx have plans for a GO station there while TTC Line 6 opening in 2022 might be extended to go there before hitting the airport.


There's space for sports in the redevelopment plans




Now opening bids for

North York (York Lions and Downsview Park down the road)


Scarborough near STC


return of the jedi episode 6 GIF

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On 10/18/2020 at 12:30 PM, narduch said:

I have no idea what they are thinking. 

The whole York Region branding was based on the assumption that they'd be moving to King City,  and that they were only temporarily playing in Toronto.

So the branding surely must change, if they make a permanent home in Toronto.

If they end up in a stadium next to the new Woodbine GO with every 15-minute train service, interchanging with Line 6, they'd be much more accessible to Brampton and Toronto, than most of York Region!

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