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So a couple of episodes back(not the last one but the one before that I believe) on footysoldiers they were talking about naming the teams and more than that sort of the club "mission statement"/"Identity" that would be the basis for each club.

They mentioned "farmer johns" in regina and the regina regiment as well as privateers in halifax and how that can influence a team from the top-down so that there is always a clear purpose for how the team is going to play.  Another example was the 86ers and how when they came in they said they were going to play BC guys and they were going to go for it in terms of scoring goals.

I'll start off - I was thinking about Sigma Sauga - how the city is commonly understood as sort of a techhub/fortune 500 company hub and how sigma is a math symbol - this combined with seeing a tweet from the club recently where they were showing their youth players a slide show on tactics got me thinking.  They could be known as precise and calculated tactically - it would go along with the Sigma thing as well as the general feel for the city.

their mission statement could be something along the lines of "Our goal is to create intelligent, tactically aware players, who are capable of adapting on the fly different formations both from the opposition and from their own club, to give them a tactical advantage over the opponent - with the ultimate goal of winning, whether by defence or offence - by outsmarting the opposition".


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