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Quebec City CPL

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19 hours ago, toontownman said:

If we can get Saskatoon, Kelowna, Quebec and Windsor up and running and Edmonton back for 2026 that would be immense. Not impossible either. We would also need another team to even out! Moncton or St. Johns? 


hoping the Ryan Reynolds series might motivate some business owners in these markets 

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On 12/3/2022 at 7:37 PM, Bison44 said:

I dont know if we'll ever even out, we are big around the center eh..lopsided if you will.  But some concrete news abut Quebec is great....now on to that stadium approval and shovels in the ground for Saskatoon!!!  

I think he meant an even number of teams. We are at 8 at the moment and he listed off 5 potential new teams. He wasn't talking about a geographical evenness (I assume that's what you are talking about).

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"why" was supposed to be "what".
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13 hours ago, SthMelbRed said:

On the more frivolous side of things, I really hope any future Quebec City CanPL team plays in all baby blue strip with red trim, a la the Nordiques.

Incomes the Sheikh with his endless money to add another club to his conglomerate.

Quebec City FC rises to take over province! 

I would love for City Football Group to invest in the CPL but only in two cities. Quebec City or Toronto. 


And there you have it. A new member of the CFG. 

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CFG would be a wealthy investor that, I'm sure, would be enthusiastically welcomed into the CanPL fold if they wanted to invest in QC. If we're restricting ourselves based on colour scheme, and I'm okay with that, perhaps Marseille might want to expand its footprint into North America. The Olympique moniker would be problematic if the IOC insisted on being dicks, though.

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