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CPL new teams speculation

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6 hours ago, Watchmen said:

Yes. That is not inconceivable. 

...and has already happened in the not so distant past (for some of us at least) when TSN ditched CSL coverage by the 1992 season and went as far as destroying the entire video tape vault of games they had covered.

Take away TFC and whatever is left in the GTA calling itself pro soccer could easily still be drawing York United crowd numbers in the aftermath with pretty much only Rocket Robin providing a match report. Interest in domestic pro soccer such as it is from the large portion of corporate Canada that is Toronto based could easily completely cool off again.

Some people clearly don't understand or have forgotten how fragile the whole deck of cards potentially is. It's Canada. The presence of soccer is still resented by plenty of influential people who want wall-to-wall NHL, CFL/NFL and MLB coverage and nothing else followed by uppity recent immigrants who won't assimilate properly to ever intrude on that.

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41 minutes ago, JamboAl said:

The question is whether they will survive to see that day (if it happens).

If the failed entirely it would not be hard to start a new team at Woodbine.  It's not like there's a storied history for the York club that needs to be carried on.

Of course, whether it's York or a new team at Woodbine or elsewhere, I still think they'll face the same second-tier sports in the GTA problem that York faces now.  But that's a different issue.

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1 hour ago, Kingston said:

If the failed entirely it would not be hard to start a new team at Woodbine...

Finding an investor would be the main hurdle at that point. There's a good chance that the Baldassarra's interest in any real estate deal at Woodbine extends well beyond the stadium.  The main problem with the whole Woodbine plan is that the CSA are interested in a stadium in Vaughan instead:

and didn't even respond to the Woodbine proposal:


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A stadium at Woodbine and a national training facility in Vaughan aren't mutually exclusive.

The Baldassara always planned for a stadium and York Lions was always a temporary venue...looks like they settled for Woodbine instead of Vaughan which is a change of direction from the York 9 regime who viewed themselves as a York Region team. McNab positioned the brand and club to be a Toronto club so staying in the city is in line with that.

I can also see why the CSA would prefer the national training center in Vaughan.

Initially, it looked like both National training centre and stadium would be bundled. This would create a dangerous precedent of the CSA directly subsidizing a private CPL venue. You can imagine what would happen next. I can see the CSA getting involved in Vaughan and not wanting to be directly or indirectly funding a private venture.

With the lack of proper infrastructure in this country, why not both? But the CSA should have the courtesy to at least communicate with Woodbine. No wonder they need CSB to handle their shit - they can't even return a call...not a great way to attract business partners if that's how you do business

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Just now, narduch said:

Seems like both proposals are looking for government funding. 


For sure as most professional clubs do but the CSA aren't willing to invest in both in my opinion. Where there might have been an attempt to bundle everything together, I think the CSA see both facilities separately therefore not wanting to be perceived to help finance a CPL stadium when it's complaining to be cash poor at the same time. I don't disagree with the rationale.

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