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Duane Rollins Fantasy League

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I want us to have some fun while we're waiting for the CPL to kick off, so I'm going to create a fantasy league.

This won't be a typical fantasy league where you'd pick certain players and track their stats - it will be more like the Football Manager series, except run entirely by a computer program* on my end.  You'll be able to name a team, set lineups, pick tactics, train your players, and bug Guillermo to design a logo for you (though that part's entirely your responsibility).  If you want to name your players to give that personal touch, you can do that too, but I'm not going to make it have any effect on their skill level.

(* - I wrote a program for the same purpose for a different online community years ago... and apparently lost it in my computer move.  Time for a redesign from the ground up!)

Once we see how many people are interested, we'll be able to come up with a league structure and schedule.  Voyageur's Cup will absolutely be included - anything beyond that (balanced vs conference schedule, playoffs vs season table, spring/fall season vs full year) will be put to a simple majority vote of our illustrious billionaire team owners (ie. you).

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, REPLY BELOW WITH YOUR DESIRED CITY AND TEAM NAME by THIS SATURDAY (APRIL 15) AT 5 PM ET (that's 6 PM for anyone already lighting flares in downtown Halifax, either 3 or 4 PM for Rob, and 2 PM for anyone out west).  Further details (tactics, etc.) can be decided at a later date (ie. once I write the program).

Don't despair if someone already took your city - I'm willing to allow duplicates for the major ones (to a point).  If we run into issues, I'll draw lots to settle things.  The only exceptions are that Hamilton & Halifax must be held by a member of those teams' SGs, and you need to pick something that could reasonably be described as a city or major population centre.

Matches will be run once a week, and I can post a text-based play-by-play of each match.  Any type of graphical/video display I make would just be dots running around a screen and is not a priority.  I'm hoping for the first matches to be held on April 22nd, and for everything to wrap up by early November.

Also feel free to ask any questions if you have them.



Canada West

Ontario West

Ontario East

Canada East



First Division

Second Division West

Second Division East









Binbrook Buccaneers - Hamilton (grande)
Windsor Rum Runners (Rheo)
Breithaupt Park AC - Kitchener (welltoldtales)
Farmers FC - Waterloo (FarmersFC)
SC Chatham Corn Stars (Alex D)
London Knights FC (Dominic94)
Hamilton Steelers FC

Scarborough FC (FreeAgent)
D.R. Legion FC - Durham (Jahinho Guerro)
Porcupine Gold Rush FC - Timmins (Rintarin)
North York FC (yellowsweatygorilla)
York Lions FC - York University (DannyFromToronto23)
Racing Club de Espanola (Old Style Pilsner)
Beaverton FC (Greatest Cockney Rip Off)

Red Star Red Deer (shermanator)
AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC (Duane Rollins)
Inter Regina (rob.notenboom)
Trail & Castlegar FC - Trail, BC (Michael Schlodder)
Saskatoon Athletic FC (Tuscan)
Hobema Hosers - Maskwacis, AB (TRM)
Nanaimo Barre FC (ThiKu)

Borussia MonctonGladbach (Fussball_eh)
EXPAT FC - San Francisco (lazlo_80)
Winnipeg Wanderers (johnyb)
AS Sherbrooke Estrie (Blackdude)
Hans Island (matty)
Summerside Argus FC (coppercanuck)
Halifax Wanderers FC

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11 minutes ago, rob.notenboom said:

Does size of city affect the potential success of your team? Or is this strictly 'on field' competition and we assume we will have funds to do what we want?

I haven't quite decided - I've been toying with either keeping it even across the board, or including a slight modifier based on population to simulate the increased revenue you'd be able to work with in a larger city (max 10% or so).

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I'm interested. From the outskirts of Hamilton, the Binbrook Buccaneers will be known from coast to coast to coast as the mightiest soccer team of all time.

Population: 15k in the immediate area, 600k in Hamilton

Grounds: A new SSS at the Glanbrook Sportsplex

Colours: Green & White hoops

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57 minutes ago, FarmersFC said:

Farmers FC (Elmira Ontario) . . . but if population is a factor then I am using Waterloo! (Or if you want more representative cities of the CPL then just put me down for Waterloo anyway. @Levi Oakey can have Kitchener. 

I can't believe someone beat me to Elmira.

I'm not that interested in playing anyways, but good luck to you sir. I'm your number 1 fan.

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Hmmm... Looking pretty Ontario-centric. Hate to pile on the region, but I'm going to have to go with a team in my hometown. Better watch out for Porcupine Gold Rush FC, located in the hub of Northeastern Ontario's regional service & distribution center, Timmins, Ontario. Population of Timmins is down to just over 41k, but grows to about 100k when you include nearby "cities" in Northeastern Ontario like Iroquois Falls, Kirkland Lake, etc.

Porcupine Gold Rush FC will compete at a new SSS, with seating for 5000, located across from Gilles Lake on what is still known locally as the "Texas Gulf Highway" (officially now Texas Gulf Road).The Tembec-Kidd Operations Stadium is joint-sponsored by 2 of the largest employers in the area, one from either of Timmins' main industries: Tembec representing the forestry sector & Kidd Operations representing the mining sector.

As is the standard throughout Timmins, which continues to have the most bars per capita throughout the country, Molson Canadian is the only mass-produced "beer" available in the stadium. Also the standard amongst "beer"-drinkers in Timmins, it's only available in 6-packs, with a maximum single-person purchase of a 24, which should last most of the match.

For a more discerning beer drinker, Porcupine Gold Rush FC has partnered with Full Beard Brewing Company, Timmins' only craft brewery, and carries three brews that celebrate Timmins' history: a cream ale (Bearded Prospector), an oatmeal stout (Oaty McOatface), and a Brown Ale (On the Banks of the Mattagami). Craft beer is sold in 650 ml bottles.

Several other alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase on site. Tembec-Kidd Operations Stadium only carries locally sourced Porcupine Springs (another partner) bottled water, which is purchasable either in a reusable dual-branded bottle, which provides a 50% discount on refills, or in single-use recyclable bottles.

Team colours are Blue and Gold.


And I've officially done far more work for this than necessary. I'm tempted to do jerseys, get some stadium images, and a logo out of Guillermo. Maybe even expand into an almost-proper proposal. But that may require more time that I want to get into for this. Super fun to do though!

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AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC. 

We will play our games at a pop up stadium that straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Those on the Alberta side will be permitted to bring a properly registered shot gun to the game. Only Pilsner beer will be served on Sask side.

mascot is a cow wearing a cowboy hat. 

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31 minutes ago, Duane Rollins1555362254 said:

AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC. 

We will play our games at a pop up stadium that straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Those on the Alberta side will be permitted to bring a properly registered shot gun to the game. Only Pilsner beer will be served on Sask side.

mascot is a cow wearing a cowboy hat. 

Well I was going to put a team in Maple Creek called the Maple Creek Newsies but I'm afraid the local derby might lead to too many fan deaths. 

A team in Swift Current would be neither swift nor current. 

So I'll go with Inter Regina in Regina with Traktor Sask as an alternative. 

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