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David Wotherspoon


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52 minutes ago, Fastfeet2 said:

How many other fence sitters saw Aird run Scotlands defence? Hopefully we discover at least 1 more before the GC

Probably this one too, but he was always going to play for Scotland.


edit: Apparently also able to rep. USA and threatened to play for them if Scotland didn't call...bah, we were still never on his radar.

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In the St. Johnstone locker room
Alan Mannus: Hey David what are you doing?
David Wotherspoon: Filling out this Canadian passport application. I've decided I'm gonna play for Canada. The Canadian FA got in touch and told me they'd help me get everything taken care of.
AM: The Canadian FA got in touch with you?
DW: Yea.
AM: Huh?
DW: Why?
AM: No reason *puts on his Leafs hat and walks away*

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Trying to watch some St Johnstone highlights to see what this guy is like, and on the positive side theyre all free on youtube... On the other hand theyre all fucking ridiculously titled and mixed in with highlights from the 3 lower divisions. For example, the most recent game is St Johnstone vs Motherwell, and instead of the title being "Full Highlights: St Johnstone Vs Motherwell (insert date here)" like a normal person might do... Whoever runs the SPFL youtube decided to title it "Craig at the double as Saints march on". Thank god he plays for St Johnstone as it was obvious who the saints were at least. 


Also none of the highlight videos include commentary... CPL please take notes on how not to run a youtube channel.

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2 hours ago, Obinna said:

You know how some fans brought cucumbers to the Belize game and held them up? (Not so much the last WCQ but the one years back - before I was a #CANMNT fan). Can everybody bring and hold up a plastic spoon at Saputo this June? :lol:

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3 hours ago, shermanator said:

No no no, supporters have to give each other the RKO because Wotherspoon is OUTTA NOWHERE

This certainly was out of nowhere. Reminds me when we were linked to that player. What was his name? Oh ya it was Mankind and in 1998 he was thrown off the top of Hell in a Cell by the Undertaker.

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16 hours ago, Floortom said:

He "liked" a few twitter posts welcoming him to the CMNT so it's definitely true.

seems like a solid depth addition. He's a decent SPL player but so is Marcus Haber. Ok addition but not a big fish obviously.

Agree. He could be anywhere from a sure starter to a fringe player. 

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4 minutes ago, baulderdash77 said:

Based on Airds last game I think he will be in competition with Aird for that RM spot.



Hoilett  Osorio  Aird/Spoon

   Johnson   Arfield  


That looks good in the middle and upfront 

swap Osorio with Arfield as he is our best playmaker. Also if Hutch is in move Johnson to Rb

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I have seen a few comments about us collectively jumping the gun on a player who's played his entire career in the SPL (and not at Celtic).

I think we'll have to wait and see, but if I were to make an educated guess (I haven't seen him play), it would be that Spoon gets into our 18. Does he get into our starting 11? It's very possible. He plays for a small club right now, but he seems to be a key player for them. 

The argument is that Haber is a key figure for Dundee and thus being a regular in the SPL is no big deal. I get that, but remember that Haber has only done it for one season and Spoon has done it for 8 seasons in a row, basically since he was 19/20 years old.

In that same time frame where Spoon was a regular in the SPL for 8 years, Haber failed to see the field at West Brom, then failed again at St. Johnstone (ironic) and I do consider 3 goals in 42 matches as a fail for a striker. He then went on to have 3 good (but not great) seasons in England's league one. 20-something goals in roughly 140 appearances at that level.

I'll let you decide who has the better resume.

Here another interesting thing if we are comparing these two. Spoon has played 317 professional matches, while Haber has played 270 (even though Haber is a year older).

I want to conclude by saying none of this makes Spoon a regular for us, but I think you can make a case for it. After all, Piette and Straith have been regulars for us and neither has a sparkling resume at club level. BTW, I think both will be amongst the top cap leaders for Canada. Piette already has 30 caps and he's 22 years old! 

Anyways, all we can do is wait on Spoon but it's fun to speculate!


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From what I gathered on the Saints forums, people seem to think he's the most talented player on the St Johnstone squad, but he doesn't consistently show it. So perhaps another player who works in flashes. We seem to have a lot of these guys offensively, which seems like a bad thing, but I'd rather have guys out there that have the ability to do something special than consistent players who play too safe and may get a lucky scrappy goal every few games. With Hoilett, Osorio, Larin, Aird and now Spoony, they can work in flashes and we'll be fine. 

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