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Evelyne Viens - University of South Florida ( USF )


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[ 1 ]  A little bit of clarity about why  Evelyne Viens is  not with Canada or Quebec. Basically, when she was 14 she was under a lot of pressure to score every match otherwise her AAA youth team would be dropped to AA. Soccer wasn't fun for her anymore. So when she received an invitation from Quebec Soccer she turned them down because she was planning to quit playing soccer. Long story short, she did not  quit playing soccer and she  moved to a different AAA team the following year.


[ 2 ] A good looking goal by Viens  against the Orlando Pride in NWSL preseason action:


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Thanks for sharing, nice clip and goal. Sinclair is 37 and at that age the body speaks a different language. Watching 43 year-old Formiga get it done for PSG in the UWCL semi the other day wasn't mentioned by anyone but it's one of the most incredible sporting accomplishments in a long time. Think Roger Milla scoring at 42 in the World Cup and which anyone who witnessed it remembers it to this day. And playing in the middle, what an incredible athlete she is.

I like having multiple bullets in the gun. Prince had a great finish against Wales too and her jets made a 15 year professional in Karen Bardsley look like a rookie. If Beckie can get in a groove, Leon gets healthy and Huitema levels up, we'll be in arguably the best form up top since Charmaine Hooper, Silvia Burtini, Christine Latham and Christine Sinclair two decades ago.

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