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CPL Stadium Thread

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Metro Vancouver CPL : Ensuring a “great football atmosphere” the goal with new stadium


And there, this Vancouver side has the potential to build a special venue, one that can be among one of the best in the CPL. 

There, they’ve been dreaming big, having been in talks with the City of Langley for over a year now to ensure that they have a clear blueprint of what a stadium looks like, giving them a proper venue right from year one as a club. 

Expected to be somewhere in the 4000-6000 seat range, a good size given the average attendance of the league, as well as the noise that having a packed venue like that can provide (versus a large CFL-style stadium), Friend is very excited for how the stadium is shaping up so far. 

With plans to make it a loud, intimate and community-driven venue, one built with the supporters experience in mind, Friend and his team have left no stone unturned in terms of looks, shape and sound, leading to what he’ll hope will be a venue considered among the league’s best right from day one. 

“Yeah, that's another exciting thing that we've been working on for over the past year,” he explained. “We’ve been working with the township of Langley and getting the overall design of the stadium, the flow of the stadium, how it’s gonna affect the atmosphere, all perfect.”

“I mean, what's so exciting about this is that this is arguably the first soccer-specific stadium that is built specifically for the CPL, that's a big statement, right? We're four years in, and we have an amazing partner in the township of Langley who are willing to commit to building a stadium for the club.”

“And I think it's gonna be very exciting, we talk about intimacy, and creating a great football atmosphere, so we've been very specific about diving into the details of the stadium design, so we're excited to launch that. The plan would be to launch the stadium and the brand together and create a lot of excitement around that.”


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57 minutes ago, red card said:

CityNerd on Youtube looked at the most urbanist soocer stadiums in Canada, US & Mexico. 

BC Place & Saputo make his top 10. Tesho gets a shout out as most urbanist minded soccer player.


Wow.. this is what the working from home phenomenon has giving us

Ahhh man.. everything about this video.. I just can't lol

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