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BC Soccer aiming to launch "Regional Tier 3 League"

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Altitude FC is backed by Faly Academy Both Men's and Women's Teams Season runs between May to July League is run by BC Soccer and is positioned just below CanPL Branding &a

Is League1 BC Starting This Year? https://northerntribune.ca/league1-bc-inaugural-season-2021/

@rob.notenboom has released his latest article on BCL1: https://northernstartingeleven.com/b-c-league-1-approaching-critical-moment/ He's interviewed Peter Schaad concerning the league. Although

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1 hour ago, Gopherbashi said:

The article lists it as "League 1 BC"


Let's copy the Ontario league with a boring corporate name instead of taking an existing name with a history that goes back over a century. One that includes cup competitions including where a BC team beating a team in Los Angeles for a unique international trophy.


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Looks like there's still a very short, May-July, season. They do mention there will also be a Cup competition, which is a nice addition.

When you look at the two other D3 leagues, PLSQ runs May - September (October if you include the Cup), and L1O runs May-August, plus playoffs into September. That would make this an exceptionally short season for a D3.

I do find it interesting that they make special mention of FIFA wanting to move away from teams playing across borders. Can't help but feel that line is part of the fall-out from the Fury, and meant as a part of a push for the Highlanders & Rovers. Explicitly linking in the Canadian Championship was a good touch as well.

I'll have to dig into the documents more to find the differences between this proposal and the previous one for BCRT3.

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Another interesting line from the document:

Further, CSB by their full acquisition of League One Ontario, has publicly demonstrated the importance they place on the layers below CPL environments. The decision to purchase Ontario’s tier 3 league was inspired by the need to provide OPDL (Ontario’s BCSPL equivalent) with a connective pathway to the Canadian Premier League, in the country’s most populated province with the largest player pool. Based on discussions with, Canadian Soccer Business, we understand their strategy is to have similar arrangements across Canada, which bodes well for BC Soccer as we work to establish our BC League 1. 


  1. Launch the league
  2. Make it functional and viable
  3. Sell it to CPL


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5 hours ago, Gopherbashi said:

Is there a reason for PLSQ to do so?  (Not being a dick, I just don't have a good sense of the positives vs negatives)

I don't either to be completely honest. One thing I would think is coverage on onesoccer eventually (but I haven't seen any L1O stuff listed on there yet) but mainly I see it as an eye to the future where we have a more unified pyramid system. Also potentially a financial safety net, but perhaps that is best left for CPL in the near future anyways.

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50 minutes ago, Kent said:

Interesting about the 3-year commitment to USL D2 if TSS Rovers and Victoria Highlanders don't play in this new league in 2020. Queue several pages of speculation about whether Ottawa Fury signed a 3 year commitment last year when they turned down the CPL.

Yeah, that kinda means now or never. I hope they go now.

If they aren't paying players and teams already play in the PDL or PCSL, this could easily come together for 2020.

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16 hours ago, ted said:

RUMOUR: the only thing holding up this league starting in 2020 is a commitment from the CSA of a spot in the Voyageurs Cup.

OPINION (mine): this should be a slam-dunk but who knows with the CSA taking their own sweet time.

That's some good news. Last I had heard, they were pushing it another year to 2021, but if things have changed that's great news.

I'm guessing they need Highlanders & TSS Rovers to get to their minimum number of teams for a 2020 launch, and they had openly stated they were only interested if a V-Cup spot would be available. Hopefully the CSA can provide the necessary assurances sooner rather than later.

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Instead of starting a new thread, I figure it's best just to gravedig this one.

With Highlanders FC opting out of USL2 for 2020 comes the confirmation that they will be applying for sanctioning with L1BC.

From the owner, Mark Defrias:


"Yes, I can confirm the rumours. We will play in the PCSL for 2020 with a move to a new league in 2021. It’s obvious that US based sanctioning will be at risk once BCL1 starts. Made more sense for us to focus on our planning for 2021 now. Our application will be submitted January 2020.

We will be sending out a brief release, but we’re looking forward to 2020 in the PCSL; playing against an old rival in Vic United.

I’d also add that we’ve spoken to TSS about finding a date for matches for the Juan de Fuca plate.

We also will be looking for additional matches against Foothills, Whitecaps, SK Selects, etc."


So, it looks like they're hoping to do a series of friendlies over 2020, much like the SK Selects or Whitecaps U23s.



Edit: Official release from Highlanders: http://www.highlandersfc.ca/news/highlanders-league-update-2020-2021-and-beyond

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29 minutes ago, baulderdash77 said:

I think it’s a very good thing that Canada’s soccer pyramid is becoming our own, one piece at a time.  

Pretty soon there’s only going to be the 3 MLS teams and a couple straggling USL League 2 teams with no local league to play in.

2020 USL2:

TSS FC Rovers (likely to depart for L1BC when ready)

Calgary Foothills (no local league)

WSA Winnipeg (no local league)

Thunder Bay Chill (no local league)


If TSS moves to L1BC, Calgary would be competing solely against West Coast teams in the US. One has to ask if there may not be a (temporary at least) opportunity for them to go L1BC as well. Would the finances be better or worse than crossing the border for all of your competition?

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@rob.notenboom has released his latest article on BCL1: https://northernstartingeleven.com/b-c-league-1-approaching-critical-moment/

He's interviewed Peter Schaad concerning the league. Although there's a fair bit of info throughout, he provides a handy summary:





BC Soccer requirements –

  • Participants must field teams for both males and females.
  • Teams must commit to participating in BC League 1 for three seasons.
  • Teams that complete an RFP application must outline their approach to meeting financial, technical, and community engagement standards.

Timeline and key indicators –

  • RFPs must be received by BC Soccer by January 31st. BC Soccer must receive a minimum of six RFP applications.
  • Over the next weeks (and possibly months) the submissions will be graded using a peer review and by an independent panel of three. This review process will be confidential.
  • Following the review, a minimum of six submissions must be judged to have met the criteria.
  • If the above criteria are met, BC League 1 will be announced sometime in Spring 2020.


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