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Vancouver Metro Soccer League


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Seems to be a quality league, with a number of former professionals.  Go out and support the league if you live in the area.

Premier League

Declan Rodriguez - Rich FC Hibernian 

Taj Sangara - Pacific United LFC 

David Malamura - Croatia SC

Marek Malamura - Croatia SC

Paris Gee - Croatia SC

Boris Si - Pacific United LFC

Desmond Tachie - West Van FC

Jacob Lensky - Pegasus FC

Michael Nonni - Club Inter

Division 1 

Robert Sing - FC Romania

Division 2 - Pool B

Jovan Blagojevic - FC Serbia United

Over 35 Premier

Tiarnan King - Coq Metro Ford SC

Oliver Heald - Coq Metro Ford SC

Robert Earnshaw - ICSF Columbus FC (???)

Emilio Bottiglieri - Coq Metro Ford SC

Alfredo Valente - Coq Metro Ford SC

Andrew Veer - Coq Metro Ford SC

Ian Clarke - Coq Metro Ford SC

Chris Clarke - Coq Metro Ford SC

Over 45 Premier

Garret Kusch - IG MicroMed Dragons

John Catliff - Westside FC Originals


I am sure there are more as I just looked at the goal scorers lists, and I was going off the top of my head.

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