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Let's petition a band to record an anthem for the CanMNT prior to the next Gold Cup


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I made a comment in another thread about how Weezer have recorded a few tracks of support for the USMNT. The tracks are throwaways but fun none the less (I am a massive Weezer fan). I now have the idea in my head that we, the Voyageurs, should ask a band to record a pump up track if sorts for our guys because A) it would be fun and B ) it couls bring them support that they have always struggled to find. Also there are zero negatives to this (unless we petition Nickleback too).

So I ask who would you like to hear record a CanMNT anthem for the next Gold Cup?

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Funny, I mentioned this many years ago on this forum but didn't get much of a response. I thought alexisonfire would have been perfect because they have many shouting chorus bits in their songs and they are every bit Canadian.

I'm not a fan of Mathew Good but I believe he has some soccer skills. 

The Sheepdogs can write some cool tunes but I'm nots sure it would be right for soccer - too slow.

Arkells could be a great thought as pointed out in this forum.

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