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Game Day Meme Thread....

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9 minutes ago, rob.notenboom said:

Anyway ... I'm starting to recover a little bit of my Zen thankfully. I tweeted this out, but having Sweet City Woman stuck in my head all morning has actually helped.

Hilarious. My co-worker just told me 10 minutes ago that he has tickets to see The Stampeders in Vernon on Sept. 17th. I have that song stuck in my head now too.

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34 minutes ago, shermanator said:

Dammit I just liked a post of Vince's. I think I'm going to be sick...


To be clear, I liked this post for the bears with frickin lasers.  Bears with wings and lasers on their frickin heads, is that too much to ask?  (Fantasizes about flying bears flying over Estadio Olimpico, bursting all the pissbags in the hands of the Honduran fans, causing general Honduran chaos and sowing the seeds of despair...)

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