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Anyone looking for a hotel room for Sept 5th and Sept 6th

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Hey I found a deal for a hotel room in Vancouver the room is book for Sept 5th and 6th.  I'm looking for someone to split the cost with.  I already booked the room it the hotel right by the pre party so I booked it early (it's now sold out)


The room has 2 beds and I asked a few people I know but they all have places to stay.  So if someone is looking for a hotel room I have another bed in my room.  Just hoping to cut down some costs and hopefully help a fellow V.  The 2 nights should cost about 200 each thought that's a damn good deal for a hotel 10 steps to where the pre party was the last 2 games,


Contact me if you are interested and ill send you my cell number through a personal message on here.


Jordan Kelemen

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