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Liam Millar


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22 minutes ago, frmr said:

Can't seem to find any highlight of the goal.

Here is a link to the hilights  but they are geoblocked so you will a VPN to watch them. I have the goal but the file is too big to upload…. He played well had a few great crosses and had a stadium clearing fee kick he’d like back… all in the hilights 



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2 minutes ago, The Beaver 2.0 said:

Never apologize for play-by-play. We always appreciate it, and often it is all we got.

Literally can’t even find a highlight of the goal. Does anyone watch Swiss soccer wtf!

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2 hours ago, spitfire said:

Just beat 4 players and smashed one top corner …keeper just tipped it over… sorry for the play by play…

That was a great play. He had another at he very end of the game when he beat a man and cut the ball back in front where two of his teammates basically fell over each other trying to get on the ball. Sometimes he is missing the final product but he makes things happen out there with his effort, speed and moves. 

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8 hours ago, spitfire said:

Hilights his Assist and two good chances. Coming into form… still settling but doing better every game  

Some ridiculous refereeing in that highlight package. How is the blatant push in the back while the opponent is in the act of shooting not a penalty? The second yellow for something that probably wasn't even a foul was just as bad.

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