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Canada vs El Salvador Sept 6th in Vancouver WCQ


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Every cycle it comes down to opportunities missed. In El Salvador 3 points was there for the taking but we didn't. In front of net we didn't finish enough in any game.

Our player pool has solidified with some very good young(ish) talent like Tesho, Cyle, Jr, Scott and more to come. We have a good base to build from but once again we are on the outside looking in.

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Just now, dsqpr said:

Yes. A substitution where I thought it was right to keep the same number of defenders on the pitch. Then they scored and you spouted some rubbish about that proving it was a terrible substitution. Agreeing with one substitution made by Floro is not an endorsement of his entire "game management". I'm done with your nonsense now.

so stop quoting me

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Well at least we went out on our shields. Gotta feel for the older guys who this was their last kick at the can.

Gutted this team doesn't at least get to play in the Hex, but also realistic that we need to really step our development up if we want that to be the norm. Overall, I'm fairly happy with how we played.

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1 minute ago, sserhan2 said:

Mexico put 5 past us. That's what killed us. 

And if only we held on to our lead in Honduras or tied 

We would be through 


1 minute ago, king1010 said:


we lost when we drew in el salvador against their B team in front of a half empty stadium

Definitely the away draw was the most glaring missed opportunity. Still though, Inability to get a result in Honduras after taking the lead there killed us too. Point is we had our chance this time around, just failed to do it. Just not good enough. 

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Well, after the Mexico game at home I knew there was no chance Canada would make the Hex. At least this was a better way to go out than 8-1, regardless of what the angry and vocal posters will say. 

Looking forward to some new blood both in the coaching staff, and in the squad itself. Hope there are many friendlies to come in 2017 to begin the process.

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1 minute ago, finchster said:

Yes 100%, I said it back then too.


Also we have a record of getting results against mexico in the cold. I would've played us against mexico in Edmonton. 

remember all that talk about playing the game in fort mac?

that would've been even better. packed 15,000 pro canadian fans in northern alberta

something to think of next cycle

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3 minutes ago, gator said:

We are so naive as a soccer nation, hosting Mexico in an indoor stadium where they can fill half of it was just plain fucking stupid, they roll over and play a B team to help their Central American brothers move on, wake up CSA!

No, the fixture was pre-determined way back.  With Mont Vic as head of CONCACAF, I can see favourable draws and fixtures in 3 years time.  I doubt we'll be caught in a group of death next 3 years.  We'll get the T & T treatment that Jack Warner gave gis country, when qualifying for every World Cup.  Jack Warner built T & T into a Carribean power with Jamaica.  Time for Mont Vic to get Canada more friendlies in what ever capacity, preferable against Central American opposition.  The next coach, whoever it is, needs to take us far in the Gold Cup anf qualify for the next Copa, if a united Copa is on the agenda.  Those are our next things to focus on now with new blood.

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