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WCQ Honduras - Canada 2 Sept Pre-game

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24 minutes ago, Rheo said:

Yeah four years ago was painful.  Took a half day off work, went to the soccer bar in town.  Shocked there were about 10 others there to watch.  Then the hammer fell lol.  Never saw those people out to watch games again (might of been university students).  Actually did shots of whiskey that day and never did them back then.  Now four years later I'm ready again.  Actually shed a couple of tears after the win in Vancouver.  Going to start with a good luck shot of whiskey and watch with my friends at the same bar.  Allez Les Rouges my friends.

Which bar in WIndsor are you going too?

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I have a good feeling. Maybe I am overly optimistic, oh well. 

I just remember away in Aztecas...

Mexican fans booing and wanting blood & more. We lost 2-0 one goal was a PK. Akindele almost pulled one back late.

Honduras is not Mexico. It will be a tight and intense game . I have confidence w this squad!

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18 minutes ago, Mimglow said:

I'm an emotional wreck right now despite a promise to myself to be cool. 

Only you, here on this board, understand what I'm going through. As has been said a few times in this thread already: I think I'm going to puke. 

I think it is only the people on this board that understand.   I talk to people at work and they look at me like I have 3 heads.  They just don't understand.

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Part of me thinks we should not start one of Hoilett or Arfield, to keep them fresh in case we need a goal/ psychological boost should we go down a goal and need to score in the second half.  I don't think Haber or Akindele can influence the match as a sub.  Maybe Jackson can pull off one his patented garbage goals.

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2 minutes ago, shermanator said:

I made the mistake of giving myself 2 hours between getting off work and getting to the watch party. It's a 4 block walk. Must resist the urge to pre-drink....

I made arrangements to leave early but of course it's hell day at work.  Oh well screw them if need be lol

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