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Roll Call: Canada vs Mexico BC Place, March 25th

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It's time folks. Well, actually it's early, but I always get too excited and jump the gun anyway. And who couldn't be excited with 40,000 tickets now sold!

If you're going to be at the game, add your name below and how many people you are bringing with you (+3). 

If you wouldn't mind, please also give the city you are coming from (even if it's Vancouver). I just think it would be cool to see. 

I even put the thread in the right place this time.


mserson +2 (Ottawa), IceCreamMan +15 (Calgary/Vancouver), Smiddy +3 (Aldergrove), theaub (Toronto), norvansupport +10 (Vancouver), ESG Shawn +5 (Calgary/Victoria/Vancouver)

Sport Shaman +5 (Edmonton/Vancouver), Adam H +16 (Vancouver), ClashCitySoccer +1 (Toronto/Vancouver), rob.notenboom +3 (Regina), CUJO +2 (Vancouver), MrsC +3 (Winnipeg)

Christian B (Vancouver), Raven +24 (Pender Island/Victoria/Vancouver), smartlikefox +1 (Nanaimo), Bertuzzi44 +1, JamboAl (Ottawa), tarnado +2 (Pent/Cal/Van), kevlar +2 (Winnipeg, Victoria), pbullen +13 (Calgary/Kelowna), Cheeta +1 (Winnipeg), OnkelDal +4 (Edmonton/Calgary), Ted +9 (Victoria), Socceronly (parts unknown)


pint +3 (Toronto/Vancouver), youllneverwalkalone +1, Tuscan (S'toon), A_Gagne  + 1 (Mtl/Nanaimo/Van), Poso +3 (Dryden, ON/Winnipeg/Vancouver), jonovision55 (P.A.), umpiredice +1, Squizz, Dorian +3 (Van via Wpg), Moldy9 +1 (Edmonton), kmouseyc +3, nolando +8, Canada1 +21, Ofuzz (YELLOWKNIFE!!!), jojoflow (Regina). 


masster +54 (Vancouver), Vancouver Fan +5, HP480 +24 (Van/Tor)


Total: 292

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