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Canada vs Mexico Viewing Parties

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3 hours ago, zeelaw1555362314 said:

Man, I wish I was still there for you. Most I could get out with be like 2 or 3.

I use to watch them near the trio of bar's near the University there. I specifically remember celebrating the 2-2 draw with the Gerba goals in 08.

Rough days, I don't miss them.

Where are you watching the game?

It's usually just myself and a couple of friends who like the game but aren't big Canadian fans lol.  Normally just watch in Sandwich Town, either Billie's Place or the DH or at the Manchester downtown.  Depends on the mood and the channel situation.

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Niagara Update Unofficial -  

A man from Sudbury & Keegan if you guys are up for getting together let me know.  Myself and a buddy will head out to watch somewhere.

I am going to call Clancy's to see if we can get sound.  (Depends if they have a live band Friday night).

Places to watch for sure would be the old Casino (downstairs, lots of TV's/games, and as suggested BP on the hill, def no sound at BP, casino maybe but probably sound on Canucks game instead). 

It comes down to the bar being open past midnight and if so, not having a live band. After the Raptors game I am sure we could get sounds.

Will call around and let you guys know

Keep you posted. 

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Good to go at Clancy's sports bar Niagara Falls.  For sure will have it on the TV. 50/50 for sound, usually hockey but she going to put it on lineup for sound.  After Raptors game only thing will be the Canucks, so hopefully we can convince. Live band only Saturday open until 2 am. 

Bringing 4 people probably more, will have a Voyaguers flag.

I private msged you my #.

See you tonight!

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Here's a picture of Calgary's watch party from Friday. 


For anyone coming to Tuesday's watch party, if you can RSVP on the Facebook page so that I have a rough idea of how many are coming. I'm giving them the final number tomorrow. On Friday, Barcelona expected the group to be 12 people and 28 people showed up, so they didn't staff appropriately, and as a result the service wasn't optimal. I know TRM and Stuart don't do the Facebook thing so I have you pencilled in.

Event invite is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/219768088374613/

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Here is the event for Montreal for Tuesday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1255331147829930/

I did a separate event for this despite the rules on page 1 because:

1) I don't follow rules ;)

2) Facebook is not really set up to do 2 events in 1 and it looked really crappy having a 3 day event and seems counterproductive, ie. it is good inviting everyone again to remind them about the event.

3) The CSA tweets are working as there were people who told me that is how they heard about the event. However, I think those of us doing the events need to discuss the best way to do them because just getting some rules that don't make sense is not really good for getting people out.

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Nice turnout for Winnipeg at Nicolino's last Friday! About 35-40 people came to watch; despite the result and short notice, lots of new fans! 

For Tuesday night, Nicolino's on Pembina (2077 Pembina Hwy) will again host Winnipeg V's.  Hope to see you there!  

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