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1 hour ago, GuillermoDelQuarto said:

wow, how did you manage that?  I liked yours as well, honestly part of me thought they would go with it or something similar.  

Personally I really like the one I've got, hence why I've kept it as my avatar so long, but it hasn't been well received by absolutely everybody(what is though, really?).

I guess it's kinda predictable as well, although I think the antlers is slightly less on the predictable side... the reasoning being that there actually aren't maples in all of canada(they are mostly in southern canada) whereas there are actually moose in every single province/territory to some extent.

Who know's what'll happen though.  I'm trying not to get my hopes too high and just do as much good work as I can.

Got approached to work on designs for a CanPL team. One of the owners I am working with was kind enough to present the logo to the league at the owner meetings. Lucked out, really.

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On 7/11/2017 at 10:34 PM, Pierce Lang said:

A couple of thoughts.

First and foremost GuillermoDelQuart these are incredible.

There is a sports logos forum out there where someone made a similar set of shields and it's incredible how similar a lot of them end up being when you incorporate the city's flags. Which I think is brilliant btw. Should go over well with the fans.

I'm a little late to the party but if I could make some suggestions that I've taken not of over the 71 pages I've read through the last 2 nights. 

These are all pipe dreams that I've written in a crazed manifesto but I've been dreaming of these things for years. I have so much more written but I'll save it for later.

I think it should be important for the league to try to attract locally established businesses as sponsors and work with them in promoting each other. Players endorsing their products, and the teams incorporating sponsors products during in game promotions. Intrinsically these should all be kept in mind with the clubs kit designs especially when designing the branding of each franchise. For the record I have no insider knowledge about anything these too like the badges are fantasy.

Halifax- If you could incorporate green into the Chelsea inspired badge, perhaps in the lion (or not but a green lion would make for a phenomenal mascot) I think green would allow you to keep the tartan element for side panelling, or socks, or  sleeves or a third kit (which I think every team should have for cup match colour clashes). That sort of synergy might be enticing for a kit sponsor like Sobeys who are from the region and if you could market them the way that Safeway is marketed by the CFL. 

Calgary Foothills could have a green hooped third kit. Otherwise have you thought about using the stampeders colour pallet? You're already using a horse which even calls back to the CPSL Mustangs. They could just be Calgary Football Club much like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Hedjuk Split all have Basketball Teams. Nobody there seems to get confused by it. The Calgary team will probably end up being owned by CSE, since they own every other franchise in Calgary and would have a second tennant for MacMahon. Could you imagine if they sold naming rights to the Brick? Endless headlines and nicknames. Jersey sponsor SportCheck how many millions do they make off of cleats every year? Even Athletic Club of Calgary they do have a bunch of other clubs with the same owner....

Quebec City I would imagine should be Ville de Quebec as the locals would probably say it V's are also a very strong shape I'm dreaming about a permanent chevron on the chest to symbolize the "La Ville" which would be a great name for the Club. The badge could be a stylized Q. so basic but so different.

Hamilton I love the Hammer logos but the more simplistic ones work better for them IMO. Also how sharp would those kits look with a sponsor like Leon's furniture which is a local business partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs. Tim Hortons is already sponsoring the stadium I don't know that they're gonna spend in BMO type rates. Again synergy blah blah blah. Third kit in McMaster Maroon (it even works with the yellow)

Burnaby- I love the last badge, but maybe it could be a crow. I get that the eagle is in the city's logo but when I lived in Burnaby the birds you notice most are the crows. They seem to sleep in an area not too far from Swangard, and as the sun sets huge "murders" of crows fill the sky. On top of that not only are they incredibly cleaver but they are vicious in their attack.  Black Home and Purple Away both with Yellow accents paying homage to the bc flag sun (mind you it rains so damn much in Burnaby. Almost every game the Caps last season at Swangard.)and the waves in the burnaby flag. and then the alternate 3rd kit could be red and yellow as an callback to the 86ers and TSS Rovers who played there before them but were not Vancouver Whitecaps FC (TM) They would need to be sponsored by a beer company like 49th Parallel how the 86ers had a great relationship with Labatt's through Sam Lenerduzzi. Anyone who's says they see eagles all the time in Burnaby is either a liar or an ornithologist. If you want to see eagles go to the Ladner Dump.

Mississauga - The wings coming out of the sprocket with the sigma in the middle all on its on would be incredible. Keep the orange it creates an awesome contrast and orange shows up so rarely in the Canadian Sports Pallet. And a deadly option for a alternate kit. Tangerine or Shaw as a sponsor. I'm salivating.  Side note they also need a stadium somewhere in city centre with a convention centre overlooking the one pitch in one corner where the national coaching convention and other sport similar events could be held. Could be rented out for awards shows for the league. I heard a rumour that there might be land in city centre where a certain entertainment venue adjacent to a bus terminal has it's lease ending soon. The city just agreed to buy a bunch of houses to create park land in Cooksville so it would strike me they are not averse to such ideas as purchasing land for legacy projects. Side side note every soccer specific stadium needs to have a brew pub or restaurant. Having a fully functioning kitchen would make catering to the private boxes and press boxes easy. 

Edmonton if not owned by FATH and FC Edmonton I think Green and Yellow would be a no brainer. The Eskimos and U of A are green and gold. You might not sell a ton of mech to start but at least you'll create a sense familiarity. Use a bear the Eskimos have a Polar Bear, and UofA are the Golden Bears and Pandas. Even the beige you've been trying with calgary instead with edmontons green. I was driving through the country the other day and it just struck me what a gorgeous combo the trees make against the wheat. 

Moncton High Tides Mud City blew my mind. Mud Brown Third Kit.

Regina - I take this right from the first line of their wiki. Though the link is dead. "The team was founded as the Regina Rugby Club on Tuesday, September 13, 1910, adopting the colours of old gold and purple" What a humdinger of a  cup kit. Agrium/Potash or Mosaic even though they already sponsor the stadium.


I need to get to bed just spit balling though. Hope I didn't piss anyone off.


wow, I gotta say I'm impressed you went through the entire thread.  It's gotta be at least a year old by now.

I'm not even sure where to start with a response.

I've been to some other forums, but I've found getting these guys feedback has actually yielded a lot more interesting results than professional graphic designers who aren't hardcore canadian footy fans, but that's where I went initially, and it was really helpful for learning how this is all done, and why some things work and some don't.  Can't say enough good things about some of the posters on chris creamers sports logos website.  Some real masters there.

As far as suggestions go, I'm always open to new ideas, but these days things seem to be taking a bit longer as I have a pretty intensive school program thats ramping up and a wedding coming up - my time is limited, and I've already got a list as long as my arm of projects that are either half done or to be done.

Agree regarding local sponsors, but personally I think that north american soccer fans are pretty fickle, and if something doesn't pass "the smell test" they tend to pick it apart pretty quickly.  The most important thing is that the hardcores are pleased with the "face" and feel of the club.  Anything that seems at all commercialized seems risky too me.  

Halifax - Personally I'm sticking with the kingfisher for anything I release on one of my more official platforms - it's just too perfect to me.  I want to avoid lions in general because they are symbols of the UK, and I feel like it's time we go in our own direction as much as possible.  It also ties in nicely with the wanderers, is local wildlife, and leaves room for the nickname "bluenoses" (as it's dipping it's beak into the water to catch fish).  There might be other ways to incorporate the green though - but blue white and gold were by far the most popular choices with the wanderers, with green being a somewhat distant 4th.  I can't remember what all is in this thread but the away kit I did(should be on my instagram account) includes the tartan fairly heavily.  Maybe you can let me know what you think.  I'll think about making it more prominent though.

Calgary - funny you should mention the green hooped third kit, I thought of this myself as well when I choose hoops for my kit design.  I feel like Calgary just has to be red(I think you're agreeing with me?), but I also have a lot of respect for what the foothills club has done - hence a green and white throwback third is the perfect compromise/homage.

Quebec city - a solid idea, for sure.  Right now there is a supporters group there that just popped up about a month ago, and they seemed pretty happy with the design I made inspired by the city flag, but perhaps there's still room for some experimentation.

Hamilton - yea, I agree the simpler one's are the best.  I feel like it might not be a bad idea to have the name at first, but eventually in a perfect world it would just be the hammer in the shield.  and I like the idea of a maroon third kit.  I've seen a few people do maroon kits for them, and despite the fact that they're definitely black and yellow at heart, maybe a third would be a good place for it.

Burnaby - really interesting ideas - I've spent very little time there so any sort of intel is appreciated.  I do feel like a crow should be somewhere on the map, and I suppose the pacific northwest does make the most sense.  I love what TSS Rovers is doing, but I do feel like their branding could be tied to the community much better than it is.

Mississauga - like where you're going with this one, and thanks for the compliment, I think.  There has been input from multiple different sources on this one, and it's still coming together - getting some input from the guys running the supporters group there.  Definitely still a work in progress, but definitely starting to get parts of it nailed down.  Love the idea of tangerine as a sponsor, and I think orange makes sense(some folks wanted blue black and white, but Grand River just down the road kinda has that already, so I think emphasizing the orange is a good call).  I'm not really sure about rumours on the ground there, but if you talk to Mississauga supporters group they are likely very up to date on details.

Edmonton - I can see the case for making Edmonton green and yellow, but as far as I'm concerned, those colours are reserved for the saskatchewan teams.  And the supporters there seem pretty attached to black blue and white(and maybe a little red!) at this point, and I don't see that changing.  It would totally work though, for what it's worth.  It's just that there are some roadblocks that make it unlikely IMO.

Moncton - thanks!  lol I liked it!  I was hoping mud brown would be an option for a third, glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks that would be cool :)

Regina - I have it on good authority that green and white are the official colours of regina.  I started with the blue and yellow from the city flag and that got tossed pretty damn quickly once I started talking to locals.  I have half a mind to suggest that they change the colours of their city flag(it's a damn nice flag, but it's become clear to me what the locals identify with colours-wise :P )

And don't worry, you aren't pissing anyone off.  Unless you come in here and just shit on things without offering detailed reasons we are pretty open to ideas and feedback.  We like to see what the hive mind comes up with :P - besides, if I think your idea is really shit, I just won't do it hahaha 


better late than never to a good party eh :P

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fraser valley concept,

kept seeing these bc signs as I was driving home through northern bc.  Fairly certain they are throughout the province so it seemed fitting.


and then the colours are from the bc flag.  Could possibly ditch the red, but thought it couldn't hurt to wrap themselves in the BC flag if they plan on competing with VWFC..



definitely still a work in progress though.

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This is a design concept for the potential Fraser Valley Canadian Premier League team that I have been working on. I would love to get feedback on the name (British Columbia Football Club, or BCFC for short), as well as the crest, and last but not least the kit.

The gold/black/white colour scheme is meant to represent the Gold Rush era that populated the Fraser Valley and British Columbia. The sublimated waves pattern on the kit are similar to the waves on the BC flag. 

Let me know what you think!


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While it looks quite nice,  it's a bit too "black+gold=Hamilton" for me. I think a third colour (red or green?) Would help set it apart. 

I also think Fraser Valley as a name would be better, considering how the league seems to aiming at more local level than any of our major leagues. FVFC works as solidly as an acronym as BCFC, but might be harder to fit into that style of badge. Maybe a V, with "F" horizontal lines coming off either side like wings. And the C encircling that, or maybe the lines going past the C as well?

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2 hours ago, Tigers said:

While it looks quite nice,  it's a bit too "black+gold=Hamilton" for me. I think a third colour (red or green?) Would help set it apart. 

I also think Fraser Valley as a name would be better, considering how the league seems to aiming at more local level than any of our major leagues. FVFC works as solidly as an acronym as BCFC, but might be harder to fit into that style of badge. Maybe a V, with "F" horizontal lines coming off either side like wings. And the C encircling that, or maybe the lines going past the C as well?

I feel as if Hamilton uses a more yellow gold than this, but that is a fair point. 

I do also feel as if very little people outside of BC know what or where the Fraser Valley is, therefore making BCFC much more marketable. In a league that will want as many Canadian players playing in and hopefully will be a great development league, I think having a team focus on an entire province rather than a region or single city makes sense. Just having kids wearing BCFC t-shirts in Prince George, Kamloops, Victoria, etc makes more sense than them wearing Fraser Valley stuff. If that makes sense.

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1 hour ago, Xavier said:

@GuillermoDelQuarto, thoughts?

clean and classy in many ways.  Have a little trouble picking out where BCFC is(aka which letter is which)

not totally sure about the colour scheme(most i've talked to have mentioned green as the primary colour they think of) and not sure about BC as opposed to Fraser Valley.

I was also unaware of the gold rush history(when people say gold rush I tend to think of home aka the yukon, first and foremost)

I like the asthetic though.  modern and simple, makes me think of many bundesliga concepts.


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tweaked the colours slightly for fraser valley concept - darker blue and paler yellow

changed font to less detailed one that should look better from far away


fraser valley fc.png

edit: yellow still a little golder than I would like it.  never translates too well from illustrator 

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8 hours ago, GuillermoDelQuarto said:


if they can't be green and yellow, what about blue and yellow with green trim?

I was hoping for almost a semi-tropical vibe... or jungle-y... but also farmland

fraser valley fc blue and yellow.png

I like this one better. It has lots of details but it doesn't look to cluttered. Bold and great colour combination.

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