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Appreciate the first effort Guillermo! Yep, similar to the two above comments, my first two quick suggestions would be to change the rectangle to the badge shape similar to the one you used for Hamilton on this page. And definitely make the "Fort York" lettering much smaller. Keep going, good first draft, we'll gladly take a second one whenever you've got time!

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Go with this for a simple concept: Make the castle top or whatever you call it (you know, the part that looks like a rook from chess) the main part of the badge, add a majestic trillium flower, and go with red gold and white as your colours. Not sure about using a shield, a circle, or what for the general shape, but perhaps the shape of the shield you can really only see the top of from that pin's design?

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On 9/17/2016 at 10:34 AM, GuillermoDelQuarto said:

Sitting here with my metis getting his input, so i know this isn't racist :P


his first impression upon seeing the logo was 

"Where's the red?"

although i think on some level he was pulling my leg, I think if theres a way to incorporate red and make it work that would be good.  Our idea was to try and see how the sash looks as some sort of simplified metis sash(shown below) as well he suggested incorporating the colours of the medecine wheel into the tomahawks(either as tassles or as part of the head)

Anyways, hoping to hear which of these people prefer and why - I kinda like the whole valour thing, but visually I think the ones with Winnipeg accross the bottom work better.helps make the crown pop.


edit: wow, and by my metis, I definitely meant my metis friend lol, little typo.

While the whole 'Winnipeg Valour' as a club name sounds like the name of a womens soccer team to me these look fantastic!!! Great colour scheme!!! The military cross gives a nice silhouette that is unique though not uncommon when compared to club crests commonly found throughout the world. At first I was a bit iffy about the tomahawks, because coupled with the badge they have a firefighter type of iconography going on as well as the cultural appropriation aspect. But I think if you shrunk them just a bit, say 15% it might work. I also like the later one without them.

I like the crown. But only at the top, and maybe with little purple added in. Especially if we got a royal designation, like the ballet and and the rifles. Which we actually could! Not like that Real Salt Lake BS.  Royal Winnipeg Football Club anyone? I also think the border of the cross could use a bit more... something. Maybe expanding the thin white line between the outer and inner band a bit. Just a bit.

I also like later inclusion of the Golden boys torch. Keep it in the middle. But only superimpose the flame, hide the base of the torch below the lower banner. Your friend asked where the red was? Simple solution. There should be a red brown poppy in the center of the crest superimposed over the torch, leaving only the the flame and part of the brazier visible. above it. But yeah, definitely a poppy in the middle.

The ones that say Winnipeg in the banner, and fc at the bottom are best. Keep the valour part where it is in some of the later ones just inside the middle there. But remove 'For'. The motto should  'Valour'. Simple, elegant. Like Rangers 'Ready' and Arsenal's 'Forward'. But still makes a nod to the heroes for whom the street was renamed.

A lot of nitpicking. I apologize. Done a few crests for my amateur teams over the years truly, truly appreciate what you've got here. Looks fantastic. Just trying to build on some other comments people have made. But I really do like it. Now how's about a kit concept??

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On 10/1/2016 at 1:13 AM, GuillermoDelQuarto said:


Alright buddy let's really knock this one out of the park.  I feel like it is close but just needs a little bit of polishing.


difference between 1 and 2 is just background colour.  B's have thicker lines on the berry, otherwise they're the same as the top ones.  You might have to zoom in a bit to see what I mean.

Let's make it perfect.  I won't stop until it's there.

Love it! #1 for sure. Saskatoon Athletic. Great stuff.

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35 minutes ago, Wingback6 said:

A lot of nitpicking. I apologize. 

don't ever apologize my friend.  In fact, please come back and offer more feedback.  Some really cool ideas - never thought of the poppy - why one, why not three?  I was thinking kind of going along above the banner, sort of a semi-circle configuration, so as not to take away from the torch, which I think i've settled on, due to the golden boy's overwhelming popularity as a symbol on r/winnipeg

seriously though that's been the cool part of this is that 95% of the ideas aren't mine and people in each town sort of debate the most fitting symbols for their city.  Especially since I've barely been east of saskatoon

oh and when it comes to the cultural appropriation thing with the tomahawks, we've debated it to death to be honest, and i've used very few native american symbols because I didn't really want to go near it with a ten foot pole, but, as Winnipeg has the highest proportion of indigenous people in the country(in terms of major cities), I felt that it was warranted, as long as it was done tastefully, and my metis friend(who strongly dislikes the indians and redskins, and to a lesser extent the braves and eskimos) said he thought it was done respectfully (although I still need help distinguishing between the Cree and Ojibway tomahawks) - so I think we are pretty safe.

In terms of the crown - I dunno.. it's a homage to our colonial roots, which is cool and all... but part of me thinks it's time to move on.  Like the Prince came to my hometown the other day, and although there were quite a few people pretty excited, I found myself not caring.  Plus it just kind of sums up the attitude of the average football fan here.  Loyalist to the end.  FFS the EPL is cool and all but isn't it time we support our own?

anyways, that became a bit of a rant - thanks for the comments - come back soon!


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