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Richmond "Richie" Laryea

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Ladies and gentleman, find someone in your life who loves you as much as Alistair Johnston loves Richie Laryea.   

You must not know Vanney.   

That’s how we roll here. 1 game is enough to say either “this player shouldn’t be called anymore, we have to bring on the kids” if someone plays poorly or is benched, or “he will be a guaranteed start

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13 minutes ago, Colliedor said:

Some people have made a decent point in that there is a chance Laryea can move up to the role Delgado is currently playing in.

Man this makes complete sense.  He's actually showing that he's always been the attacker he was...he's just able to defend.

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1 hour ago, Shway said:

With TFC apparently acquiring Jamaican international LB Kemar Lawrence for a mid six figure fee....I would have to believe that Laryea is leaving in the summer. Becuase they would have 4  starting quality fullback in Laryea, Auro, Morrow, and Lawrence. 

out of those 4, Lawrence and Laryea are my starters. Auro has yet to find his form, and Morrow is clearly on the decline, but they still provide good depth.

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51 minutes ago, El Hombre said:

No one thinks that Lawrence was brought in because Auro has struggled this year and Morrow is past it?

auro had one bad game where he slipped dont forget he was also a monster vs Leon. 

I like the idea of Richie at RW and AUro at RB. 

I cant stand Delgado playing RW. 

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I think Auro has been really good for TFC so far (though I did not watch the Whitecaps game). I think Armas wants to keep him in the line up, and Auro has stated he prefers RB to LB. Given that RW has been a problem area so far, it all leads me to think that maybe Laryea will be pushed up.

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