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Milan Borjan


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14 hours ago, Acid-Tone said:

I wonder if he was able to keep his kit on after the game.   The away fans stormed the field and were literally trying to rip jerseys off the players backs!

I saw one player raise his arms to celebrate with a fan and the guy just whipped his shirt off LOL

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19 hours ago, Ngravs said:

Right on Champions league action for a Canadian! In before he’s in a pool with Bayern and Tottenham and Liverpool.

If only 2 teams from the same nation could be in the same group

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  • 2 weeks later...

Excellent performance and results. Couldn't be happier for him. 

IMO it is clear:

The only keeper problem we have on our CMNT is depth, happy with that problem, could be way worse. 

Congrats again, wow a shout-out in the CL group stage with 7 saves.... That must rank up there as one of the all time  Canadian men keeper performances no?

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