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Ouch. That hurts. Not surprising given their attendance numbers but still sad to see. Hard to keep a league viable with these numbers:

2015 - Average attendance 196 (79 of 108 games reported)

2014 - Average attendance 324 (128 of 145games reported)

2013 - Average attendance 384 (126 of 145 games reporting)

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This is sad news but I'm really not surprised. The W-league was an amateur league that was important when there were no pro women's leagues around but it has lost its raison-d'être since then. The NWSL is doing very well and expanding to Orlando next season. Beyond that there is the 2nd tier WPSL which has the USA covered with 92 teams. There was no need for another 2nd tier league especially one that was changing its teams every single year.

The biggest problem with the disappearance of the W-league is that there will be many Canadian women who will simply not have a place to play. Too bad.

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At the Calgary Foothills PDL awards night last night it was announced that there's a new league in front of the USSF right now. 8 teams in the West, 8 teams in the East, and Calgary Foothills WFC have been asked to be a part of it. Nothing concrete yet, but it looks like there may be some positive news soon from that front.

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3 hours ago, Alberto7 said:

I noticed that the WPSL will have a team in Vancouver (NSGSC) this year:




Any one know anything about this team?


Nice find. I had been wondering why the Whitecaps didn't move their senior women's team to this level, rather than eliminate it entirely.


EDIT: the timing here is interesting, given that Washington state's new Northwest Premier League (NWPL) has recently launched, and has already plucked two Washington clubs away from the WPSL: Olympic Force and Fuerza FC.

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