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Doneil Henry


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  • 2 weeks later...

It was awesome seeing his loan spell at Blackburn.  What was it, 3 games and then a shitty injury?

Yup, and constant injuries since. Been a rough go  for Henry since he officially left TFC. 3 games in a year for club and country during a crucial period in his development.

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  • 4 weeks later...

When Henry gets back playing and into form, it will really complicate CMNT selection, which is a great thing. 

At RB, we now have Ouimette showing he is capable, Fraser Aird showing he is promising, Nik Ledgerwood the experienced incumbent - and now Henry.

I honestly don't know who the odd man out will be, but likely it would be Aird unless his minutes at Rangers go up drastically. Or, perhaps Ouimette will find himself out of the team in March due to being out of season, but he was very consistent in our last two WCQ's. Really hard to see him miss out.

At CB, I think we can all agree that Edgar and Jakovic is our best pairing, but Straith has really become a dependable (if not solid) third choice, and I don't think we lost anything in our last two matches with Straith in for Edgar. I also have to point out that Lefvere and Hainault both showed they are capable of doing a good job against Ghana.

So, where does Henry fit in all of this? Very hard to say, but it's nice to have 6 CB's who are all at a similar level, yet all provide something a little different.

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If he is playing regularly and impressing with Blackburn as he did on his previous loan, he would be our CB playing regularly at the highest level and frankly I think he needs to be a starter at the CB position possibly paired with Jakovic. Edgar could then play right back as he has played there before.

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