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AWAY GAME DETAILS - Nov 17th @ El Salvador

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Starting the away game thread, details posted as they get there.


For this one, is there enough interest to organize?


When: November 14-18, 2015

Where: To Be Confirmed



Hotel, transfers, tickets, (airfare?)


Let me know if you are remotely interested so I can start planing.

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Two things:


1) The are going to add a lick of paint to Estadio Cuscatlán between now and Nov 17th. The stadium will have a more impressive blue+white look. Media says it may not be 100% done by matchday.



From this:


to this (no more retro looking yellow and red):



2) Hugo Carrillo who is on the executive of the FESFUT says that the game will be at 7:30pm local time. (Their home game against Curaçao was also at 7:30pm).

So it seems that they won't be pulling any of that 3pm-play-in-the-heat Honduran crap. This is VERY good for us.



By November we will be done DST, so 7:30pm San Salvador time should be 8:30pm EST/5:30 PST in Canada.

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Since it doens't seem like anybody is actually going to travel to this, I will post more news:

El Salvador just held a camp for their domestic players:


We may be above them in pure individual skill, but just like they were in the Gold Cup, they will be well organised.


The ref for our game down in San Salvador will Geiger. He was ref during the crazy Mexico-Panama game at the Gold Cup. Will we get CONCACAFed?


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El Salvador players have gone on strike, walking out of training camp. Coach Maradiaga will have to name a new squad for the games against Mexico and Canada.



Honduran Maradiaga, who took charge last month, said he was upset that the Salvadorean Football Federation (Fesfut) and the players had failed to reach an accord and his preparations for the CONCACAF qualifier had been disrupted.

"What is down to me on the sporting side is to look for a new squad, and when I say that I mean players who can adapt to what we want in playing terms,” Maradiaga told reporters on Tuesday.

Fesfut directors said the players Maradiaga had originally called up walked out of the team’s training camp on Sunday saying conditions were not good enough.

“We are losing time. We’ve already lost two practices, and in a competition as difficult as the one we face we’re giving away weapons to the enemy,” Maradiaga said.

He said he would name a new squad next week for the match at the Azteca in Mexico City on Nov. 13 in CONCACAF Group A, which also includes Honduras and Canada.

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been reading up on the situation at http://www.laprensagrafica.com.  

seems the players walked out because the hotel the players were housed in for this recent camp did not have running water for showers.  Ceren, of Orlando City, is leading the players strike.  

according to the el salvador association, the players have asked for an "astronomical figure".

major problem here.  dont see it being easily resolved.

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