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TFC2 - FCM Derby 2015 Pt. III

Dub Narcotic

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2-1 TFC2 at half. TFC actually looking good? A somewhat entertaining game? Wow.


Anthony Osorio looks to have really improved, the Thomas/Ononye combination at center back looks solid and Manneh's buddy Jobe and academy striker Reshon Phillip has been lively and fast.


FC Montreal is still very much in it, although Haman has been collared well and Riggi has only got free once or twice. They are clearly struggling with the awful turf conditions at OSC. Getting that facility sorted out has to be a top priority for the team next year (read Rocket Robin's reports for more on that).



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Skylar Thomas and Quillan Roberts are capable of starting some games next year, I don't see how Mo Babouli is much different than Jay Chapman at this point and maybe Chris Mannellla gets a few games next year and maybe, maybe Wes Charpie gets a senior contract as fullback depth.


As for FC Montreal, Gagnon-Lapare should be pushing for at least the third CM spot (although he didn't play today) and Sukunda, Riggi and Haman may be looked at for senior contracts, although Riggi has a lot of players ahead of him.


The goal for next year for both teams has to be to go in with more roster stability so I would keep around quite a few of the players who probably aren't MLS quality but can do a job at this level with another year of physical growth and maturity. That will provide a better platform for the real quality to shine.

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It seems you still dont understand the reason for these teams or matches. It has nothing to with winning. It is all about player development.


Substituting out your main center back prospect (Skylar Thomas) for an academy kid years away from the first team (if he ever even comes close) instead of letting Thomas learn how to see out a game from a winning position (very rare for TFC2) is good for Thomas' development or TFC, how?


You can really tell in these threads not only who is actually watching the games but those who actually know how these teams are supposed to work. You are going to get one serious senior team player from the academy, if things are going well, every year or two. The focus has to be on the development of the elite prospects, not getting every academy player in the system on the field.

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Attendance (which was actually announced today) was 387. Fans entering the gates were

allowed to choose a TFC II shirt from different cartons. They came in different sizes

and either white or red. It was announced earlier in the week that the first thousand

fans would get one. The boxes had disappeared by the end of the game but we were able

to grab a few TFC II mini-balls that they had left over from last week's promotion.

The Inebriatti supporter's group were not in attendance for this week's game—just like last

weekend so with their most popular song "Toronto til I die" I'll have to check the obits.



This guy really hates Inebriatti who actually have showed up to most of the TFC 2 games. Takes a shot at them on a bunch of his reports. 

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