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Canadian Club USL Team of the Year.

Dub Narcotic

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Caleb Clarke: Not a player who lights you on fire watching him play but has scored at every level including USL. HM: Jacques Haman


Victor Blasco: Flashy Spanish winger who seems destined for a senior contract. HM: Mo Babouli


Marco Bustos: Is near-dominant at this level. Needs to put on some bulk for the senior team and for his career longevity. HM: Andre Miller


Alessandro Riggi: A half-step below a Bustos or Boakai (and older) but has quick feet and a eye for goal. A good candidate for the senior squad. HM: Brett Levis.


Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare. Looks the real deal and not physically overwhelmed like a lot of the players from these teams were this year. HM: Tyler Rosenlund


Louis Beland-Goyette. Same as Gagnon-Lapare. HM: Ben McKendry


Zachary Sukunda: Led FC Montreal in minutes and can play on both sides of the field. HM: Christian Dean


Skylar Thomas: The best defender at the Alamo that was TFC 2. HM: Adam Bouchard


Johnathan Grant: Along with Haman, his mid-season addition moved FC Montreal from shame to, well, not pride, but less shame. HM: Mitchel Bringolf.


Chris Serban: A legitimate two-way fullback and still very young. HM: Wesley Charpie


Quillan Roberts: Looks like the best of the young goalies and beat off a strong challenge from Alex Bono. HM: Maxime Crepeau

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Although, it does have to be pointed out that this is a bit of a 'Best of the Rest' group where the real standouts got promoted to first team minutes and didn't end up playing that much in USL. That group is Tim Parker, Christian Dean and Jay Chapman, interestingly all guys from the NCAA. A combination of being a bit older, natural selection (e.g. they are still top players in their age class in their early twenties) and maybe some mental maturity and more experience helped.

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How many of these players are dominate at USL level? I'd argue Bustos and Blasco. They're MLS level contributors next year. I think Roberts will be a MLS keeper someday, he's excelling in USL. It's a longer wait for keepers.

I would love to see more Canadians dominate at USL level. Maybe some will emerge next year. I would not move any of the other players up to MLS.

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