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Gold Cup Roster


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GK- Lars Hirschfeld | NOR / Valerenga
GK- Quillan Roberts | CAN / Toronto FC
GK- Kenny Stamatopoulos | SWE / AIK
D- Marcel de Jong | USA / Sporting KC
D- David Edgar | ENG / Birmingham City
D- Andre Hainault | GER / VfR Aalen
D- Dejan Jakovic | JPN / Shimizu S-Pulse
D- Nik Ledgerwood | GER / Energie Cottbus
D- Ashtone Morgan | CAN / Toronto FC
D- Karl W. Ouimette | USA / New York Red Bulls
D- Adam Straith | NOR / Fredrikstad
M- Tesho Akindele | USA / FC Dallas
M- Kyle Bekker | USA / FC Dallas
M- Julian de Guzman | CAN / Ottawa Fury FC
M- Simeon Jackson | ENG / Coventry City
M- Jonathan Osorio | CAN / Toronto FC
M- Pedro Pacheco | POR / Santa Clara
M- Samuel Piette | ESP / Deportivo la Coruña
M- Tosaint Ricketts | ISR / Hapoel Haifa
M- Russell Teibert | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
M- Maxim Tissot | CAN / Impact de Montréal
F- Marcus Haber | ENG / Crewe Alexandra
F- Cyle Larin | USA / Orlando City SC

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Really? a keeper can only do so much.

I think the combo of no Atiba and Johnson puts more of a dent in our tournament hopes than no Borjan.

Disagree. Borjan can keep us in a game. Missing all 3 players hurts tremendously.

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Missing Borjan could cost us a game. It could also have no effect at all. Most games feature routine saves and goals that come on shots that no keeper would save. The borderline goals/saves are few and far between. One also needs to remember the 2 or 3 results we've missed out on at previous Gold Cups due to Borjan gaffes.


The midfield absences are far more crucial. I'm not a fan of Johnson but he plays a role. No Hutch likely means that if we are playing a central midfielder with offensive talent, he will have major holes defensively (Osorio or Bekker).

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Interesting to see Borjan, REB and Johnson left off.  Pacheco, Hainault, Bekker, Jackson back...


Good news is that aside from Borjan and Hutchinson we have all our key players from the past year or so present.



RE: Borjan, you could tell something was up when Roberts was left off the Pan Am roster (remember a poster here had posted with Roberts telling him that he wouldn't be going to the Gold Cup but the Pan Ams instead).  Ludogorets definitely had him playing in CL qualifiers as a condition to him joining.  


Even without him Stamatopolous and Hirschfeld are MLS level keepers and serviceable here.  

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1 - Borjan missing is surprising but Kenny and Lars are more than capable.

2 - Floro already hinted that Atiba and Will were doubtful, so I don't understand the big surprise there.

3 - With Julian and Piette starting our last four games in CM, it will interesting to see if someone steps up to claim that third spot (Teibert, Osorio, Bekker, does Pacheco figure in there?).

4 - Surprised that REB was dropped for Jackson but it is nice to see Simeon back.

5 - That's a pretty strong defense corp. Hopefully, they are able to stabilize our game. Glad to see Hainault back.

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Borjan makes sense, I'm not too concerned, we've played very well defensively over the last little while.


WJ is a surprise despite the fact that Floro said he may not be ready, we'll see if plays tomorrow against LA. Maybe there's been a setback in his recovery.


Atiba makes sense, no surprise.


REB missing is odd.


Overall I'm okay with this roster and I think some of the younger guys are going to step up and take larger roles.

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Kenny will be our starting keeper no doubt, because Lars did not even play a game since 2013. I'd even say Roberts looks to be better positioned to be the back up. We will miss Atiba and Will, but if they can be healthy and firing on all cylinders come September WCQ I'll take that. A middle of the field comprising of Piette as DM and Osorio and De Guzman/Tiebert could be what the future holds. Oso's play last game for TFC was really class, it's time for someone to step up at the international level. 


how about this....





---------Osorio---De Guzman------







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Does Bekker deserve a spot over REB?


Or more importantly, does Bekker deserve anything from anyone ever?


I've never disliked a Canadian player more.


I know he isn't the best player. But what has he done for you to dislike him? He answers the call to country whenever asked?

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In regards to REB...Floro saw him in camp training way more than we did.  Perhaps based on what he saw, he figured on maybe giving Jackson or Bekker both another quick look. 


Or there could be a multitude of other reasons we aren't privy to.  I'm not looking to overanalyze, but for one I can say I like some of what Jackson can offer, so I'm not unhappy to see him and not REB, I'm perfectly fine with it.

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Hey guys, new to the forum here, but long time fan and follower of CMNT. What inspired me making an account right now is to try and find out why will Johnson isn't on the roster. Anyone have any idea?

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Does anyone remember the exact rules on roster changes?  I thought it was like 6 changes or something. Maybe we still see Borjan, Hutch and Johnson at some point?




Googled it and found this



Not sure if its still accurate but it says we can make 4 changes after the group stage so assuming we get through maybe we see some changes then. 

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