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Anyone hear what people had to say about the 2014 year.

2015 has already completed 4 games.

Are people who's kids were involved last year still in?

Are there more Clubs Interested?

Are current Clubs done after this year due to the cost and difficulty in recruiting players due to cost?


All I know is NewMarket is looking at Joining for the 2016.

TFC Academy pulled out their program after only its first year.


Was Jason DeVos correct in saying that the best won't be involved due to the cost.

Another Writer, and I can't remember which sports writer it was, said the OPDL will be for the rich not the Best.  Can someone confirm if that is true or not.


The OPDL is to eventually take over once OYSL is phased out.

That leaves the kids/families that can't join or won't joing only District or Regional Leagues.

I think these 2 Leagues will be where the Talent will be, and if Provincial, College and Universities want real talent, that's where they will go.

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Looked at the OPDL site.


If NewMarket enters the League, they will be the 9th team from York Region from the current 16 team league.

Does it Make sense for York Region Teams to be in this league.

Should so many from one District be allowed.


Hamilton United is an OPDL team made up of 3 Clubs in Co-operation with each other to have the best represent.

Why can't York Region do the same, and designate 2 or 4 Clubs to represent York Region and the other clubs supply their best players for tryouts.

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From what i have heard the OPDL is a complete joke and if left unchecked will ruin elite development in the province. As you pointed out, half the teams in the league are from York Region! Woodbridge and Unionville-Milliken i understand, but too many teams that should be nowhere near the top 20 in the province.

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For those who are interested, here is the OPDL page:




Aurora? Kleinberg? North Toronto? Whitby? Where's Oakville? Where are the Brampton/Mississauga clubs? Where are the Scarborough clubs (N. Scarborough)?


It's one thing to have standards, which is great, but when you don't use judgement and reason along with those standards you are going to fail. Most of the elite players in this province come from Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Scarborough - all areas who are not represented by this league. So are Scarborough players supposed to join Pickering? Oakville kids join Burlington? and all the Brampton/Mississauga kids travel to Vaughn and Woodbridge who are already loaded with talent...

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I believe that the OYSL was the was to go....and a cheaper root.

The OSA could have tweeked it, make all current OYSL team coaches and those being promoted to OYSL have a minimum of their Pre-B.

And stipulate that players are not allowed to join another club for a period of 2 years to allow development.

Only those that are cut from the team or move too far from their current club are allowed to tryout for another club.


Any thoughts or any ideas.


And as lpf75 meantion, where are the Peel Region teams. Some of the best players in the province come from that area.

There is no way that York Region have the best players, and deserve the current 8 teams. They definetly have a higher population with money that can afford to play, but their not the best.

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Four new teams enter the OPDL.

Oakville(makes sense) SC Toronto(finally a non York Region Team), Athletic? and a Mississauga team(about time).


The catch is they can only enter a U13 team. The U14 teams already involved will stay at 16 Clubs as they move to U15 and this applies to the U13's moving to U14.

The problem with this is that MANY parents from the existing clubs are not satisfied with OPDL and what it promised. It's becoming financially out of reach meaning the rich will play, and the product will only get worse.

There have been rumors that a few of the Clubs want out after the year season is complete.

Cubs are struggling to sell the product to the parents and justify the cost.

So its great that a few more Clubs have entered the League to give more opportunity, but it's an opportunity for the rich kids to brag that they are OPDL....no different then when a parent is willing to pay $5000-$9000 for their child to ride the bench on a AA or AAA Hockey team so they can tell their friends they are on that team. Rather then play for a Rep team and actually develop and play against real talent, and have FUN!

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I'm following this all with great interest since I have a U11 (U12 for the 2015-2016 season) son. North Miss claimed in their press conference that they are very much interested in keeping the costs down, so we'll have to see what that actually means. We moved anyway, so at this point we're choosing between Brampton Youth, North Miss, and Erin Mills (our old club). Keep in mind that an indoor and outdoor season for us already cost around $1500, and the academies are about $2500/yr.

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I have been reading many OPDL forums and what was suppose to be the solution to our constant fragmented youth system , has itself become fragmented. Aside from the cost, which we all know is a cash grab for the OSA, it has moved away from a development league in the U14 age group to a competitive league which is playing your best players to win which is not allowing all players to use what they learn during a week of practise in a game situation. How is this any different then the out going , Yet affordable OYSL. Unfortunately the OSA looks to have dropped the ball once again. Many parents have posted comments under the........ OPDLRESULTS FORUM on the web. Very interesting to see that many will be pulling their kids out after the season and putting them into Regional Leagues OR Academies. When will soccer in this country run smoothly and have a clear and unified path as we do with hockey. How difficult is it to mimic a system that has won us countless Hockey Championships at ALL levels!!!

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