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WWC 2015 - Group A non-Canada (CHN, NED, NZL) match discussions [R]


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FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015

Group A (non-Canada matches)

Saturday, June 6

7:00 PM MDT - At Edmonton - New Zealand vs. Netherlands

Thursday, June 11

4:00 PM MDT - At Edmonton - China vs. Netherlands

Monday, June 15

6:30 PM CDT - At Winnipeg - China vs. New Zealand

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Whats wrong with the refereeing at this tournament? Only adding 1 min of extra time while there were 3 fairly serious medical incidents. One alone lasted 4 minutes.

Holland leading 1-0 at halftime after a cracking goal.

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China vs. Netherlands halftime stats:

Possession: 61-39

Attempts: 14-4

On target: 4-0

Corners: 4-1

Yes, those are China's stats on the left and the Netherlands' on the right. China are playing a completely different style than against Canada and are controlling the match so far. With better finishing they could be ahead. The Netherlands don't look too sharp.

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