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Viewing Parties for CWNT vs England - May 29, 2015 - 7:00pm EST

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Day: Friday, May 29th

Time: 7:00pm EST

TV Coverage: TSN

Time to warm up for Women's World Cup!

Victoria -

Vancouver -

Edmonton - The Pint Downtown

Calgary -

Saskatoon -

Regina - The Lobby 2545 S Broad St, Regina

Winnipeg -

Toronto -

Kingston -

Ottawa -

Montréal -

Québec City -

Halifax -

St. John's -

*confirmation requires a Voyageur to call the establishment to confirm that they will be showing the game and that they can accommodate X number of fans.

I'll try to edit this post everyday, mods/admins please feel free to edit this post as well. More cities added as requested.

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In Edmonton the viewing party will, by default, be at the downtown location of the Pint. Some folks may have noted that the Ottawa Fury FC vs FC Edmonton match is being played the same day at the exact same time and the ESG viewing party is at the Pint. Therefore, since the membership of ESG and Voyageurs has a significant overlap it doesn't make sense to have it anywhere else.


I am predicting a lot of ADHD occurring with people trying to follow both matches simultaneously.  

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