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4 hours ago, Bison44 said:


  The only way i got my nephews to play "defense" in soccer was to tell them they had to stay close to the goal to keep the goalie company or he wouldnt have any fun when the ball was in the other half for extended periods.  


Gawd, the horrors I've seen at the earlier levels.  The horrors.  It really is a two edged sword though.  You need the talent to push the rec-only players, because there are some who're better than rec players and want to discover they are better than rec players but don't realize that yet, but then you dumb down/arrest the talent for that experiment.  What a sorry business but that's another topic in of itself.   

I came up in the late '70s, early '80s and even in those days I always wanted to be a wingback, you know because I was a runner and worked better with the bit of extra space being on the perimeter provided.  I loved it, coaches mostly tolerated it.  Little more glam than a center half for sure but still a lonely and invisible place to be at times.  Not as much fun as it could have been in a more mature environment but it was what it was.   

P.S.  For time immortal 'keepers will always be a breed apart.  How could they not be?  I mean, fu'k me, they spend the better part of 90 minutes talking mostly to themselves.   What do you expect?  

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PVR’d the match and watched it last night.  Atiba was all over the pitch; sometimes just behind the strikers and sometimes as a bit of a right back.  It’s ridiculous how good he is at 38 playing every

Scored today: 30% of Besiktas goals have been scored by Canadians lol

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3 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

Have we ever had a player who is referred to by their first name?



Good one. A lot of the players in Spain in fact. Manny is Manuel Aparicio. Sam was Sam (Piette). Miki Cantave, now gone over to Haiti, is Miki. 

Both of the De Guzman's were De Guzmans. Hume was Hume. 

I have not been following Aparicio at all, him dropping a division makes me lose a bit of interest.

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“I’m taking it one step at a time, and we (Coach herdman and I) have a vision for me to continue until the gold cup and I feel comfortable with that, pretty much what we sat down and spoke about, that’s the plan”

He also stated he wants to have success (win something with Canada) and “Be proud for what I’ve done for the National Team”

Looks like Hutchinson is prepared to say Goodbye to his international career next summer, would be a nice way to finish it all

Although Herdman has said “For however long he hangs on for” So there’s a chance to continue afterwards  

All depends on his health, (No injuries) Form (playing time) and maintaining his Level! 

He might put Piette on the Bench which is okay, Sam is the successor of Atiba 

Its no question that his presence is huge  but at the same time the Youth are pushing.



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So happy they did this before he retired.  I'd always thought it was a lost opportunity that someone didn't do player profiles of Canadians abroad in a sort of travel show/real football factories style (obviously no hooligans but you get what I mean).  

He's an icon there and that's a story that Canadians who don't take our national team seriously should hear.. it would shock a lot of people.  I'm surprised Larin didn't appear at all in the video!  Sort of a missed opportunity or maybe they were smart and they filmed one separately for him to be released later.  

Who should they do next?  Obviously Phonz when he gets to Germany but it would be really cool to even see some other guys like Adam Hemati at Persepolis, Arfield at Rangers or Hoilett at Cardiff.  It's ideal if you can get a player at a well supported club who is known.. so obviously you can't do Millar or Tabla just yet.   

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2 minutes ago, mpg_29 said:

Hutchinson to retire from Canada’s national team after Gold Cup:


Says he wants to win the Gold Cup so good enough for me!  I feel like he’s just saying that.. if this team looks like it has the wheels to make it to 2022 why would he bail?  He could end his career at a World Cup like Ignasevich for Russia.. would be the same age too. 

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Hutch has been an absolute pillar for our team.  As much as it will suck to see him go, he has def earned the right to leave on his terms with nothing but good vibes from me.   If he helps us win the GC, excellent.  If he decides to stick around for 2022 WCQ, amazing.  But no matter what, he will always be pretty special in terms of CMNT alumni.

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The impending retirement is a clever thing to put out there internally and externally. Internally it gives the team something to rally around (win one for Atiba) and externally it gives good media talking points to drum up interest in Canmnt and win Atiba some long overdue domestic notoriety. 

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